6 bag repair shops in Singapore to spruce up any ‘ol bag

Don’t let that gorgeous bag go to waste — head to any of these shops to fix, clean, or colour any bag, new or classic

bag repair singapore

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Getting your hands on your very first branded handbag is memorable. Finding its very first stain or tear however? Well it is memorable… in the worst way possible. Seeing any item we use so often become damaged hurts really bad – especially if it was a gift from a loved one or a long-term investment.

Unfortunately, sometimes our precious bags become victims of food or drink spillage. Our weather (yes the heat and humidity we experience on the daily) can also cause damage to our bags, from discolouration to the peeling of fabric.

As you can see, danger is lurking around every corner and we have to anticipate the worst. To help you out, we’ve collated a few shops in Singapore to solve any problem or complete any request you have – be it a broken zip, torn lining or if you want to change the colour of your bag entirely (yes, it's possible!).

Before sending in your bags for their touch-ups or transformations, do remember that these shops aren’t robots with a bag of fairy dust. While they strive for perfection, it’s not always attainable. But with that we promise that these shops will work up a miracle to the best of their abilities. So what are you waiting for? Read on to save that brand new Louis Vuitton bag, or revive that classic Chanel that your mother gifted you.


Dr. Bags


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One of the most trusted clinics for designer bags, Dr. Bags uses Korean technology, chemicals and techniques to provide the care and maintenance needed for your luxury bags. Besides that, they also tend to shoes and wallets.

Dr. Bags offers four main services including its signature deep cleansing service – it is recommended to do this at least once every three months, since our bags are one of the most bacteria-filled items. The remaining services include coating your bag with a protective barrier (one of the shop’s most popular services), restoring the look of your bags by transforming them into a new colour or refreshing its current one, and repairing any wears and tears on your bags.

The prices set you back by about $150 more or less, depending on your bag’s needs. You can easily get a quote by heading to the shop’s website and uploading a photo of your bag.

Where: Plaza Singapura, Katong V, myVillage, United Square & Marina Bay Link Mall


Contact: 6835 7375 (Plaza Singapura outlet)


Chan Yew Leather Artisans


Equipped with the knowledge of a bag’s architecture, as well as leather accessory designs, the company not just makes handbags and belts from scratch, but they’ve also been repairing bags since the 80’s.

Having been in business for decades, Chan Yew has built a strong reputation within the luxury bags and watch industry. So you can trust that the folks at Chan Yew will have your bag back to mint condition in no time. While they don’t provide colouration or protection, they specialise in all sorts of repairs from stitching to changing handle pipings and replacing inner linings.

You can get a quote from them by dropping them an email or by sending them a message on Facebook. Compared to other places, the prices for repairing are lower but of course, it depends on the condition of your bag.

Where: 65 Sims Avenue, Yi Xiu Factory Building, #07-11 S(387418)



Contact: 6748 9679




MyBagSpa/Le Shine

bag repair singapore

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Local entrepreneur Chan Pei Lin grew up with the habit of cleaning her bags and shoes on a regular basis. However once she went into the workforce, she lived a busy lifestyle and didn’t have time to treat her bags. After discovering her bags wears and tears, she realised her usual homemade tricks wouldn’t work, since they were now made of more delicate materials. That’s how MyBagSpa came about.

Rescuing busy women like us who can’t afford the time to clean or repair bags, MyBagSpa offers women with busy lifestyles the chance to revive our bags ‘till they’re clean and fresh. The shop focuses on cleaning stains, colour restoration and removing smells (yes that too!), but if your bags needs to be repaired, they do offer some repair services as well – but be sure to contact them first.

If you don’t have the time to send your bag down, you can arrange for it to be delivered to them by any courier of your choice. You can also send other items like your wallet, shoes, jackets and even sunglasses too if they’re in need of a little maintenance. Simply call or Whatsapp them to get a quote.

Where: Far East Plaza, #02-75


Contact: 9647 8884


Sleek Services Enterprises

bag repair singapore

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Run by husband and wife team Richard and Joann, Sleek Services is the one-stop shop for a handful of repair needs. The shop, located in the heartlands, not just provides bag and luggage repair. It also provides shoe services, key and locksmith services, as well as remote control microchips for your car keys, motorcycle keys and autogates for your home.

Sleek aims to provide efficient, top-quality service with materials from Germany and the latest equipment. More importantly, they do it at a price that won’t put a huge hole in your wallet – which is why so many people love Sleek. So if you’re in urgent need of hardware repair for your bag, this is where to head to. Some of the services provided for bags include cleaning, stitching, dyeing and repairing buttons. If you require more services for your bag, drop them a text and they’ll advise and quote you accordingly.

Before heading down, be sure to contact them and make an appointment as they may be out for house calls.

Where: Blk 214 Bedok Central, #01-185 Singapore 460214 (Next to Pizza Hut)


Contact: 6442 0649 



bag repair singapore

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The household name is dedicated to improving customers’ health and wellness, one belonging at a time. How so? Our bags and shoes are exposed to hundreds of bacteria everyday. If we don’t clean them often, they sneak into the little nooks and crannies that a simple wipe down won’t reach.

Colorwash also supports sustainability by using non-toxic detergents or chemicals to clean your belongings – meaning that your skin is safe from exposure. They also use energy-saving machines which aggressively filter particles that are by-products of colouring and drying, thus reducing air pollution and carbon footprint.

Their services include cleaning, colouring, touch-ups and protection for not just bags, but for shoes and wallets as well. Aside from that, Colorwash sells products to help you care for your leather goods.

Where: Alexandra Retail Centre, Asia Square Tower 2, Mandarin Gallery


Contact: 6235 9130 (Mandarin Gallery outlet)


Honest Crafters

After dropping thousands of dollars on a designer bag, it makes sense to pay for its upkeep so it will last. Honest Crafters offers a wide range of repair and cleaning services such as repairing stitching, lining and handles, replacing hardware parts, and recolouring leather. Naturally, they also offer cleaning and conditioning.

Prices start at $10 for fixing a loose thread, to about $500 for replacing a bag’s piping. They also channel their bag-building expertise into a customisation service where you can design and create your own bags.

Where: Raffles City Shopping Centre, #02-08/8A


Contact: 9787 9271 (via Whatsapp)


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