The finalists for Singapore’s premier fashion design competition, Audi Star Creation 2013, were announced on March 18, 2013.

The 12 finalists were picked from over 355 entries from 16 countries, with one finalist each from China, Japan, Thailand and Mongolia; there are two finalists each from Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam respectively.

The top three winners of Audi Star Creation 2013 will walk away with a S$10,000 cash prize from Audi Singapore, a one-year internship with FJ Benjamin and a chance to create a capsule collection to show at Audi Star Creation 2014.

Here’s what you need to know about the 12 finalists, whose collections will be shown at the Audi Star Creation fashion show as part of Audi Fashion Festival in May.

1) Sun Yi Jun, 24, China
Collection: Return
Inspiration: Traditional chinese costumes

2) Kentaro Fujiki, 26, Japan
Collection: Super Flying Boy
Inspiration: The energetic and emotionally-charged young people of the region

3) Ham Yu Lam, 24, Korea
Collection: The Beautiful Connection of Asia
Inspiration: Traditional ornamental knots of Korea

CN_Sun Yi Jin_Profile 1RZ.jpgCopy of JP_Kentaro Fujiki_Profile 1.jpg Copy of KR_Yu Lan Ham_Photo.jpg

4) Ji Eun Sung, 33, Korea
Collection: Upbeat sound of Samul Nori
Inspiration: A performance by a South Korean Samul Nori (Korean folk music) ensemble

5) Andrew Loh, 22, Malaysia
Collection: Modern Conservative – Where Tradition Never Grows Old in One’s Way of Life
Inspiration: Traditional values that people practice

6) Jean Teoh, 23, Malaysia
Collection: Resonance
Inspiration: Vibrations via human interactions

Copy of KR_Ji Eun Sung_Photo_02.jpg MY_Andrew Low_ProfileRZ.jpg MY_Jean Teoh_PhotoRZ.jpg

7) Batmunkh Uugantuya, 21, Mongolia
Collection: Harmony of Elements
Inspiration: The natural landscape of Mongolia

8) Felix Nai, 20, Singapore
Collection: Ephemeral Awakening
Inspiration: Cherry blossoms and sleep cycles

9) Haziq Putra, 21, Singapore

Collection: Pursuit To Freedom
Inspiration: The determined spirit of the Kelantan people

batmunkh.jpg SG_Felix Nai_Profile 1RZ.jpgSG_Haziq Putra Bin Mohamed Razif_Profile 1rz.jpg

10) Chatree Maneerat, 22, Thailand
Collection: The Beauty of Wind
Inspiration: Handheld Chinese wooden fans

11) Ngo Hoang Kha, 20, Vietnam
Collection: Conservative Entity
Inspiration: How pixels come together to create an image

12) Vu Ta Linh, 26, Vietnam
Collection: The Contour
Inspiration: The Ruong Bac Thang rice terraces in Sapa, Vietnam and its distinct curves and waves

TH_Chatree Maneerat_PhotoRZ.jpg VN_Ngo Hoang Kha_Ngo Hoang Kharz.jpg VN_Vu Ta Linh_Profile 1rz.jpg

You can learn more about Audi Star Creation 2013 and the designers chosen to be finalists via, or follow the contest on its Facebook page at and Twitter at @StarCreationSG.