One of Singapore’s most luxurious stores, Malmaison By The Hour Glass, has just released a super cool collaboration with some of Singapore’s favourite fashionistas – Arissa Cheo, Yoyo Cao, Velda Tan and Rachel Lim – where they open up about why they love watches, their personal style and their very fashionable lives. 

Here are some excerpts from their interviews … You can read the full interviews on the newly revamped plus more from other Singapore fashion influencers too.


Arissa Cheo Yoyo Cao Velda Tan and Rachel Lim on watches being successful in business ARISSA NEW

Tell us about the very first timepiece you got.
My first timepiece was a Cartier Santos, a gift from my parents when I was 16. I still wear it now, though I’ve since changed the band to a white crocodile leather from its original black. It’s an absolute classic, in addition to still being in excellent condition.

Do you consider yourself a watch collector? Do you see more and more female collectors in the future?
Although I have a few nice timepieces, I wouldn’t consider myself a watch collector as such. I often forget to put on a watch, after all the accessories I pile on! But yes, I definitely do see more and more female watch collectors, and I’ve noticed that they are going for big, masculine designs like those from Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille.

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Arissa Cheo, Yoyo Cao, Velda Tan and Rachel Lim on watches being successful in business YOYO CAO

What are some of your earliest memories of owning a watch?
I owned a few Baby-Gs when I was in primary school, these were gifts from my mother for doing well in class. They were practical and functional for me as a kid, but most importantly – they came in various colours which made me happy!

You are one of the most influential social media stars in Singapore, inspiring many young women through thoughtfully curated captures of your personal life on social media. What is the message you’re trying to deliver to your audience?
The aim for my Instagram account is to be both inspirational and aspirational. I’m all about delivering positive vibes to my audience. I want to remind people to keep dreaming, and that with hard work anything can be accomplished.

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Arissa Cheo, Yoyo Cao, Velda Tan and Rachel Lim on watches being successful in business VELDA TAN

I hear that your very first watch purchase was the Hublot Big Bang at Malmaison, can you tell us the story? 
I’m really into classic brands and initially wanted to buy something “boring” like a Cartier or a Rolex as my first watch. I was actually here at Malmaison, and the Hour Glass specialist ended up recommending an additional few pieces outside of my requested styles. I was surprised as all three of them were spot on! I wanted a masculine watch that was versatile enough for different occasions and there it was – a Hublot Big Bang. I even bought an additional strap in white for variety, exactly like the one I have for the shoot today! That first experience at Malmaison was really memorable, and we’ve been coming back ever since. 

You’ve departed from your first fashion venture Love Bonito to start your own brand – Collate The Label, tell us about this.
Leaving my first job (and first company) to start my own label Collate has been challenging but fun. The dynamics of being an e-tailer and a fashion brand owner are completely different. At Love Bonito, I used to reach out to a younger clientele of university students and women just starting their careers, but now with Collate I’m speaking to a more mature woman. For our fourth collection (SS 2016), it took us three months to produce 40 looks. Experimenting with pleating and textures, we designed flowy and soft silhouettes in a neutral palette. We are targeting career driven women in their late twenties and thirties who are looking for modern yet elegant staples.

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Arissa Cheo, Yoyo Cao, Velda Tan and Rachel Lim on watches being successful in business RACHEL LIM

Tell us a little about your very first watch purchase.
I always wanted to own a Rolex. Growing up, I saw my parents wearing them and I guess that’s where it all started. To me, it’s the ultimate classic; a timepiece that will never go out of style. My very first watch purchase was of course, a Rolex. It was a couple of years ago when my online shop Love Bonito was really taking off – I worked particularly hard that year and saved enough to buy my very first milestone gift. I wanted something edgy and not too feminine – a piece that brings character to an outfit, and the Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II fits the bill.

As a recognised businesswoman, co-founding one of Singapore’s most successful homegrown online retailer Love Bonito, what is the best career advice you could give to a budding entrepreneur?
You need to know that it’s a hard journey – be prepared for days when you’ll fall, and you’d better be able to pick yourself up, learn and reflect along the way. Remember not to give up, because your next breakthrough is just around the corner. 

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