Did you know that the very first Chanel 2.55 classic flap bag was sold in February 1955? That’s a whooping 60 years ago! It’s arguably the most recognisable luxury bag in the world. 

If you are still on the fence as to whether or not to spend your bonus on this gorgeous looking little thing made from the best quilted leather and adorned with interlocking C’s and a chain link straps, read on. Here are 4 reasons why you need a little Chanel in your life. 

Images: Chanel 

1. It’s an iconic bag 
60 years after its inception, it is still a very highly sought after bag design. Many new bag designs have came and gone, but this bag has become a fashion icon. Celebrities, royalty, IT girls, you will definitely earn a seat with the cool crowd with this bag.

2. The design sensibility 
The bag is designed to make day to day activities simpler, and more comfortable. There are exactly seven pockets created for this bag, and all of them are carefully thought out. The one that I find to be most useful is the rear pocket dubbed the Mona Lisa smile as it allows you to slip small items in without having to open up the bag. 

The rest of the pockets include the interior gusseted pockets for business cards or notebooks, zippered inner pocket to keep your money safe, and last but not least the little pocket in the middle for your all-important lipstick. The burgundy lining was also specifically chosen to contrast the black exterior which makes it quicker and easier to find your belongings.

3. Top quality leather 
Chanel only uses aged calfskin without any defect. The leather holds up so well even after years and years of usage. This explains why there’s such a healthy vintage market for Chanel bags.

4. Time taken to produce the bag 
The iconic Chanel bag requires more than 180 operations in its production and just as many meticulous gestures – every step is sanctioned by a quality control – and requires up to fifteen hours of work. What’s more, craftsman are only allowed to work on the iconic bags only after 5 years of experience at the workshop. 

So there you have it. Go ahead and buy that Chanel bag you’ve been lusting after all year. But of course, make sure that your purchase evaluation is sound. Spend your money wisely!