Ann: I love brooches but I’m not sure how to wear them?Are they meant only for jackets? Can I use brooches on tops, cardigans & dresses? Also, where is the best location to pin them – are they meant only for specific necklines?

Patrick: Wearing brooches is a fun way to glam up your jacket, dress or cardigan. There no rules that brooches are only meant for jackets. The trick is to pin them on a heavy fabric that can hold it up nicely. I like them placed near to the area just below your collar bone. Try a statement piece or even a few in different sizes (odd numbers like 3 or 5 will look better). They will look great on a high round neck tee or a boat neck shift dress. If you like to add a necklace, pick a long one so that it doesn’t compete with the brooch.