Alicia Ong, the designer behind Singapore fashion label Al&Alicia, is reminising about her girlhood with her Autumn 2012 collection, The Girl from Back Then.

The new collection is all about “a time when your days were filled with dress-up tea parties, overstuffed scrapbooks, heaps of glitter, unabashed fun and innocence,” says Alicia. “Fashion is meant to be fun, and that’s the sentiment [Autumn] 2012 is echoing. We all need to let loose sometimes and not take things too seriously.”

Al and Alicia Autumn 2012 The Girl from Back Then collection 06
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All this looking back translates to a collection full of wrap skirts and dresses, slouchy tees, ponchos – who didn’t want a poncho as a kid? – and more “grown up” blazers to offset the more  childlike pieces in a mix of shimmery fabrics with cut-out details, patchwork and graphic prints.

Al&Alicia’s signature “androgynous” feel is softened by the addition of more feminine pieces, particularly in the various dresses, including a neat strapless shape available in two colourways. The graphic print is cute on leggings and a tank dress, and the more subtle silvery-grey print on black or navy makes the collection a little more adult.

Current trends like sportswear are clear in not only the Al&Alicia comfort wear of tees and leggings, but also in zip-front cardigans and stretchy tank dresses.

More neutral colours like muted denim blue, grey, silver, black and white are offset with a strong red, stronger blues and some burnt oranges in a print – there’s even a plaid with touches of bright yellow. There is a lot more colour used more elegantly in the Autumn 2021 range than in previous collections.

All in all, the Autumn 2012 collection from Al&Alicia is eminently wearable; although the nostalgic concept of the designers’ girlhood doesn’t seem obvious in the pieces, this doesn’t really matter when there are so many covetable pieces that will suit anyone’s wardrobe.

Al&Alicia Autumn 2012 The Girl from Back Then collection will be available from August 29 at Al&Alicia’s online store,, as well as the brand’s stockists including Little Man at 7C Binjai Park; Antipodean at 27A Lorong Mambong and Threadbare & Squirrel at 660 North Bridge Road, Bali Lane. Go to for a complete list of stockists. For more information about Al&Alicia, go to Follow Al&Alicia on Facebook at and Twitter at