Agyness Deyn: Accessories are distinguishingAgyness Deyn thinks a person’s bag and shoes reveal a lot about their personality.

The British model has collaborated with the iconic shoe makers Dr Martens on a range of items she helped design.

Agyness is known for her short blonde crop and alternative look. She says she started to discover her own unique style when she first purchased a pair of Dr. Martens as a teenager.

“Your bag and your shoes are what distinguish your personality,” Agyness told British newspaper The Times.

“I have always had a really intense relationship with Dr. Martens, when I was 13 I bought my first pair of boots, they were the coolest boots I could get away with wearing to school and stood for something that gave me my own stamp of originality.”

Agyness thinks fashion today has changed vastly from what it was like when she was younger. She thinks people pay more attention to what others are wearing and try harder with their own style. Agyness says individual and unique looks will soon be a thing of the past as nowadays a united gang of alternative dressers has been born.

“The outlandish kind of dressing that’s been going on is maybe coming to an end. [I think people] are becoming more intelligent in dressing. The younger generation today are more of a team, a gang,” Agyness continued.

“Back in the day, when we were kids, you didn’t know what kids were thinking or wearing in the next city. Now there’s this creative, feminist kind of unitedness; younger girls are smart and witty.”