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The rose is also known as the queen of the flowers. And for good reason too. It is the most widely used flower in the beauty industry, in the world of perfumery as well as in skincare, thanks to its beautifying properties as well as its soft, powdery, musky scent that is so distinct.

If you take a whiff of the new Bvlgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight, the first thing that will probably hit you is the fact that it smells like a lavish and elegant rose scent – as distinct and opulent as you would expect from any perfume from the Bvlgari brand – but somehow, it also manages to be fresh, lively and discernibly effervescent.

So how exactly did this particular Eau de Parfum manage to possess both these seemingly opposing qualities – classic yet youthful and sophisticated yet sprightly?

We asked the master perfumer creator of Bulgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight himself, Mr Alberto Morillas.

Photo: Bvlgari 

1. What is the most challenging aspect about creating Bulgari’s Rose Goldea Blossom Delight?

My creations for Bvlgari are the result of years and years of close collaboration, it is always a new exciting experience. Together, we write stories from a gem, a colour, a memory which reflects the brand’s universe.

For this new opus, the most challenging part was to shape a distinctive identity compared to Rose Goldea, playing with the same flower: the rose.

I drew on the roses’ natural faceted richness to reveal the spontaneous uniqueness of Rose Goldea Blossom Delight. The freshness of rosebuds at sunrise, its leaves of a vibrating green and this magic flower which opens slowly to offer us a fabulous fragrance. All the facets of the rose creates a sparkling, sophisticated, modern and attractive fragrance for all rose lovers.

2. Describe the kind of perfume you had in mind when you created Rose Goldea Blossom Delight.

Rose Goldea Blossom Delight is a modern floral signature which captures the feminine quintessence with a contemporary, young, sparkling and assertive vibration.

I played with three irresistible feelings around rose to bring a new experience. That was my intention when I first started Rose Goldea Blossom Delight, and I followed this idea all along.

Photo: Bvlgari 

3. Bvlgari is a brand with a rich heritage that is very luxurious, very noble, very opulent… how does that affect the scent that you created for the brand?

The starting point of my creations is always driven by the brand universe, the story of the project which calls for my sources of inspiration.

When I start a new project with Bvlgari, I constantly remind myself of this rich heritage, the very noble brand that is Bvlgari, it influences the raw materials I use, and the first ideas I create for Bvlgari.

The brand respects the traditions, the uniqueness while offering highly creative quality fragrances.

The brand Bvlgari refers to elegance, outstanding creation and incomparable beauty. I’ve managed to give an identity and a story to the fragrance that’s most often associated with Bvlgari: transparency, glittering stone, absolute femininity.

Behind every fragrance is a unique story emerging from a combination of sources, but above all from a direct dialogue with the people. As a perfumer, my inspiration comes from meeting with the Bvlgari team.

Their words are very important. Proximity makes all the difference when creating a perfume.

4. Do you go back and smell the other scents – Goldea, Goldea The Roman Night, and Rose Goldea – as you were creating the new Blossom Delight?

I usually start creating with a single idea – with an accord of different ingredients that I feel will be the core of the fragrance, and an interesting answer to the needs of a new project. I then add other notes that help to add dimension and uniqueness.

But, as I said above, the starting point of my creations is always driven by the brand universe, this is especially true for Bvlgari, as it has such a unique DNA.

I keep on smelling Bvlgari’s creations to make sure I remain in the right olfactive territories, perfectly in line with Bvlgari’s identity, yet not overlapping an existing beautiful fragrance.



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5. How would you describe the difference between Rose Goldea and Rose Goldea Blossom Delight as a scent?

The previous Rose Goldea was a tribute to the modern goddess through a reinvention of rose in a bath of milk filled with a lot of grace and sensuality, it was about the sensuality of rose, its richness, its sophistication and its texture.

Rose Goldea Blossom Delight opens a new chapter of femininity infused with youth and modernity through the scent of a blooming rose.

In this new edition Rose Goldea Blossom Delight, it is the naturality which I wanted to seize.


6. What about the rose makes it so well-loved in perfumery?

Rose is a noble, unique material for a perfumer. For me, it is the most beautiful flower. Its signature is recognisable between all. Rose reveals a unique smell in every harvest: A rare extract with multiple nuances which always surprises me. Also, it plays a key role in the creation of fragrances.

I use roses in all my perfumes because they bring a special dimension. Every time I use this flower, it’s a completely new and different experience.

Roses always remind me of Mozart’s music. They spread joy and beauty.

Roses evoke the world of La Flûte Enchantée, Papageno and Papagena! In painting, they would be Fragonard, with its delicate characteristics and its women who have a sense of mischief.

In literature, they would be the most cerebral and emotional world of Proust. Rose has always been the queen of the floral kingdom in perfumery.

Rose scents offer an iconic floralcy highly accepted around the world from the Middle East, to Asia and the US where the smell of the flower represents femininity and the essence of pink. Fragrances in this territory are easy to understand and have evolved towards a fresh and natural feel.



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7. If each fragrance tells a story, what story would Blossom Delight tell?

Blossom Delight is the emblem of the contemporary feminine quintessence. This new opus tells the story of three irresistible feelings, echoing the assertive and contrasted femininity of the modern woman.

A bright rose, liberated by the crunchy and juicy energy of violet leaves and green papaya for more naturality and joy.

A spontaneous and luminous femininity delicately contrasted by the sparkling brightness of pink pepper. A dazzling rose radiates in heart under the sublime combination of distilled rose and rosebud.

A concentrate of sophistication enhanced by the vegetal notes of lily of the valley, creating the ultra-feminine sensation of a rose-covered by the fresh morning dew.

And finally a confident rose signs the fragrance with a rich and sensual imprint thanks to the absolute of Bulgarian Rose. Precious elixir of seduction, it is adorned with a veil of musks and ambergris for a feminine and timeless allure.



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8. Is Blossom Delight a fragrance designed for younger women?

BVLGARI perfumes are designed for all facets of the modern woman. Rose Goldea adapts to every moment of the day of a young woman, and to every woman feeling young and dynamic: a fresh, fruity and spicy soaring for a spontaneous attitude, which gives way to a green floral heart, filled with loads of elegance and grace, then an amber trail and musk, symbol of sensuality.

The scent of a blooming rose, a representation of the journey into womanhood and expressing young yet affirmed new generation of women.

9. The fragrance works very well for a hot and humid country like Singapore because it is classic yet fresh, distinctive yet soft. Was this purposefully done?

Indeed, this is the whole richness of rose, energetic and soft, classic and distinctive! Rose Goldea Blossom Delight has this fresh pulse that suits every woman in the world, evolving towards a fresh natural feel, which perfectly fits a hot and humid country such as Singapore.

As a perfumer, it is magic to see its creations slipping into all cultures and countries.


Bvlgari Rose Goldea Blossom Delight (from $107) is available at Bvlgari fragrance counters islandwide.