Everyone should have a white button down shirt in their wardrobes because it is one of the most versatile apparel to style. Timeless and multifunctional, this evergreen staple can be worn anytime of the year for almost any occasion.

There are dozens of ways to get plenty of use out of it but we have discovered 8 new ways you can style the classic white shirt with the current trends.

1. Dramatic fringe dress
Fringe has found its way back into fashion in recent seasons with the revival of the 70s trends. If you have been trying to sport this dress but fear that you might look silly, this one is for you. Slipping a white shirt underneath the fringe accented dress helps to keep your look sharp and sophisticated.

2. Flared sleeve sweater
Designers have been sending looks with voluminous sleeves for the past couple of seasons This statement making sleeves is quintessentially 70s. Wear this statement making top over with a crisp white shirt to look effortlessly chic.

3. Denim overalls
We’re in the midst of an an adventurous denim moment and denim overalls are really popular amongst street style stars. Swap the plaid shirts (lest you look like you just walked out from a farm) for a pussy bow button down shirt for a chic and modern look.

4. Playful motifs
This versatile white blouse creates a wonderful base for any outfit. Take a leaf from the street style star and go crazy with prints and patterns! Seal the look with a pair of funky coloured pointed toe heels.

5. Flared leg pants
The 70s are having a big moment in fashion right now so pairing it with a pair of bell bottoms will keep you absolutely on trend. Remember to wear it with a pair of platforms underneath for a height boost so that your legs will look endless.

6. Wide leg jumpsuit
Super wide-leg, loose, flowing pants that are really popular during the 60s and 70s have recently made a big comeback. This silhouette is amazing to wear because they are super comfortable and terribly flattering; only if you style them correctly. The classic white shirt comes into play here by giving it structure.

7. Leather midi skirt
The combination of a white shirt and midi skirts has always been thought of as office-like and feminine. Shake the look up by switching out your regular skirt for a leather piece and amp up the style with a pair of on trend high cut sneakers.

8. Crop top
It’s still summer for our European counterparts so crop tops are definitely still in season. Jazz up your classic white shirt by layering a crop top over it. If you are feeling adventurous, opt for a pair of pinstripe pants instead of the usual black.

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