With 2015 coming to a close, we thought that it would be good to take stock of all the fashion trends that we lived through. Here’s a recap on some of the trends and brands that our Singapore fashionistas loved in 2015. 

Here goes! 

(L-R) Rachel Lim, Velda Tan & Nellie Lim

1. Self Portrait’s lace dresses 
These feminine lace dresses were just about everywhere in 2015 and it’s no wonder why. The label uses high quality lace and often has intricate embroidery details. The best part? These red-carpet worthy dresses are all very attractively priced! Most of them fall into the $500 to $800 range. 

(L-R) Andrea Chong, Melissa Koh & Savina Chai

2. Button front denim skirt 
Denim has been back in a big big way this year. The button-front A-line skirt has been one of the most popular styles due to the revival of the 70s trend. Super flattering and easy to style, what’s there not to love about it?

(L-R) Velda Tan, Arissa Cheo, Jade Seah

3. Mirrored sunglasses 
The ladies decided to give their black shades a break and embrace the flamboyance these mirrored sunglasses bring. Some of the more popular brands include Dior (Arissa is wearing the Dior techonologic), Ray-bans and Victoria Beckham.

(L-R) Rebecca Lim, Yoyo Cao, Jeanette Aw

4. Mini bags 
There were many mini bags offerings this year. Many designers have taken to shrinking some of their most iconic bags (think: Balenciaga City tote, Fendi Peekaboo and Louis Vuitton Alma bag) in addition to creating new styles. Of course, our fashionistas jumped onto the bandwagon and ditched their beaten up tote bags and oversized satchels for these adorable fashion forward minis. 

(L-R) Nicole Wong, Rosalyn Lee, Beatrice Tan

5. Sneakers 
While the normcore trend has come and gone, the sneaker trend is going nowhere. In fact, it seems as if sneakers have evolved from a trend to a wardrobe staple. I don’t think anyone can get enough of these super comfortable footwear that virtually goes with every single thing in the wardrobe. 

(L-R) Nellie Lim, Guan Min, Andrea Chong

6. Gladiator sandals 
2015 saw a revival of gladiator sandals, thanks to big fashion houses like Valentino and Chloe. They refreshed the otherwise passe style with more refined straps and silhouettes, thus making it more flattering for the ladies. 

(L-R) Nicole Wong, Melissa Koh, Savina Chai

7. Delicate jewellery
After seasons of larger-than-life add-ons (remember #armswag?), it’s time for a change! Lately, we have been pretty obsessed with delicate jewellery; the barely-there necklaces, dainty rings and itty-bitty bracelets. They might be tiny in size, but they sure pack a huge impact when worn correctly. 

(L-R) Beatrice Tan, Jade Seah, Rachel Lim

8. Culottes 
This is probably one the best trend that has ever happened for the ‘OL’ (office lady). Equal parts in form and function, the wide-leg culotte pants has taken over the staple pencil skirt as one of the workwear must-have for the year 2015.