1)   Quest: Level up your life

Every time you complete a task, you earn a little green jewel that helps you “level up”. Every level unlocks new equipment for your little avatar. 

2)   EpicWin

Similar to Quest, it turns your life into a game, but is much more comprehensive. You earn points to build your customisable character’s statistics and travel on an “adventure” to gain riches and power. Fun!

3)   Wunderlist

Probably the most well-known of all these apps, Wunderlist is well known for its simple functions, beautiful interface and flexibility. Tasks can have sub-tasks, notes, reminders, and even be split into different lists. It’s great for people who love detailed to-do notes.

4)  Do! Spring Mint

This is also a lovely to-do list that looks really good. It looks like a notepad with handwritten notes on it. Complete a task and it gets striked out, as though you did it on paper! We love how the app offers a variety of patterned “tapes” to allow you to distinguish different tasks. 

5)   Awesome Note 2

This colourful app breaks things down into different folders. Aside from to-do lists, it saves notes, pictures, videos etc. It’s basically a big storage app that doubles as a to-do list. It’s versatility and flexible functions make it a must-have app.

6)   Suru

Minimalists will love this app. It allows you to create mind-maps, organise your to-dolists into different solid colours, all on a simple interface that looks really pretty.

7)   Gneo

This to-do app is great cause not only does it sync with your calender, it syncs with Evernote. If you’re a fan of that note-taking app, you’ll understand why this function is so important.