Her World’s sub editor Yeoh Jo-Ann and her size US9 feet put together a guide to styles that work for you and where to hunt them down. 

1. Lounge slippers

Avoid super-pointy tips, says Her World assistant stylist Gracia Phang – they make feet look longer and larger. Stick with tapered, slightly rounded toes, like the ones on these lounge slippers – a great style if you’re wearing pants.


Calfhair and goatskin lounge slippers, $195, from Massimo Dutti.

2. Ballet flats

Beware: If these are cut too low at the sides, feet will look wider than they are. This pair exposes the tiniest bit of “toe cleavage” and covers most of the sides of the feet, so your feet look sleeker.


Jaime Mascaro glitterencrusted leather ballet flats, $239, from Tangs Orchard.

3. Wedges

Afraid that they’ll will make your feet look chunky? Go for a style like this – the mix of materials and the sculptural shape create a visual break that gives the illusion of a smaller shoe (and hence, foot).


PU leather wedges, $95.90, from Charles & Keith.

4. Pumps

Classic ones – high at the sides, with a narrow opening (the part where you slip your foot in) – can make wide feet appear slimmer. We like Salvatore Ferragamo’s for the variety of widths and sizes – up to US10.


Vara patent leather pumps, $950, from Salvatore Ferragamo.

5. D’Orsays

They’re designed to expose the arch and sides, so they do the neat trick of making feet look shorter. A comfortable option for wide feet, and a pair in an exotic skin styles up any out fit.


Emblem python skin d’Orsays, $169, from Threadbare & Squirrel 

6. Sandals

A simple style with just two straps across is your best bet (any more will emphasize the size of your feet), advises Her World associate fashion editor Ian Lee. Fit is crucial – make sure your feet don’t look like they’re straining against the straps. Local label Charles & Keith carries up to size 41 (US9.5) in most styles. 

This story was first published in Her World magazine, January 2014 issue.