You probably already have your morning routine nailed. Get out of bed, to the shower, makeup, get dressed, run a quick check of the items in your bag and you’re off to battle a day of challenges. You go on with your day perfectly fine — until a mid-day washroom run. You caught your reflection in the mirror and suddenly, you start feeling lousy about how you look! 

You feel like your dangly earrings are too over the top (because you also have a choker necklace on at the same time), the pencil skirt you thought you looked amazing in this morning looks frumpy now from all the sitting, your new pink pumps are giving you a hell of a time. 

Sounds a like a disaster, I know. And I am saying it from someone who has experienced this first hand multiple times. I try my best, but sometimes I find it really tough to be impeccably dressed all the time. I don’t have a styling team to put together a look for me like celebrities and style stars do; I rely on my own humble skills to get dressed in the mornings. 

So after years of trials and plenty of errors, I have chalked up some valuable tips and tricks that I find to be really helpful. Read on to discover the things you should do that will make you feel great every time you head out your door! 

1. Look at your full outfit into the mirror
Full outfit here includes your makeup, shoes, bags, watch, jewellery, even your sunglasses! Many people skip this step and find themselves keeping these accessories in their handbags instead. 

2. Take a picture of yourself
Pictures are the best way to capture your look accurately. Do you remember the time when you felt like a million bucks in front of the mirror only to feel like you looked atrocious in your #ootds? There you go. If there’s no one who can help, a mirror selfie will suffice. 

3. Sit down in your outfit 
After you decide on your look for the day, take a seat and see how you feel in it. It might sound a little strange but whether you are getting dressed for work or a dinner date, you will be sitting at some point in the day. This exercise can help you to figure out how your pants crease or how short your mini skirt actually is. 

4. V-P-L
Visible panty lines are a big no-no. Always double, triple, and even do a quadruple check especially if you are wearing body hugging or light coloured bottoms! 

5. Take your shoes for a test drive
You need to own your strut to feel fabulous, and you certainly can’t do that if you are hobbling in your shoes! Walk around the house in the shoes that you are planning to wear to ensure that you don’t get a blister after a couple of hours in them. If you feel like there are pain spots, you can get plaster on it first as a preventive measure. 

6. Take off one accessory 
“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This sage advice came from one of the world’s most elegant woman — Coco Chanel. She was a woman far ahead of her time, and she saw how it’s all too easy to over accessorise. While it might seem like piling on the bling or a chunkier belt can catapult your outfit from drab to sartorially cool in a flash, the truth is far from it. Less is always more when it comes to looking chic.