Moving from (mostly) cold and rainy London earlier this year to Singapore’s hot and humid climate has definitely called for sartorial adjustments. As well as leaving my beloved sheepskin, shearling and trenches across the ocean I’ve had to adapt to how to dress for sunnier, sweatier climes. Here are the tried and tested tips I’ve discovered:

Image: Showbit, outside the SS15 Mugler show in Paris


#1 Choose breathable fabrics whenever possible

Cotton and linen are your best friends. Linen however can be a little tricky to pull off in professional situations with its inherent ability to wrinkle as easily as possible. The main thing to remember is to avoid synthetic materials and fabrics at all costs, they will cling and retain heat, the worst of both worlds. 

#2 Go sleeveless

Sleeveless tops and vests are your best friends if you have an aversion to humidity. See our guide on the best places to stock up on sleeveless vests from high-end to high street here, or if you’re not happy about uncovering those arms, shop for a stylish office cover-up here.

#3 Stick to looser shapes 

You’re in luck ladies, these days palazzo pants, culottes and pussybow blouses are all the rage thanks to the 70s throwback that’s ruling runways and retail spaces. Shop it while it’s hot, we love these Joseph trousers for office-chic. The more the cloth falls away from the body, the cooler you’ll be. 

Stretch-wool trousers, $197, Joseph from The Outnet


#4 Keep things light and bright

If you’re a black-on-black kind of gal, you may feel aversion to the thought of going light, and definitely turned off by the thought of brights. However if you’ll concede to the thought of monochrome, white and popping brights will definitely keep you cooler than matte black, which absorbs heat energy when you’re out and about!

#5 Carefully consider your footwear

I often joke that my body temperature is controlled via my feet which is why I need to wear socks around the house, but I was intrigued to find out upon researching this article that it’s actually scientifically true! Body heat escapes most via our heads and feet, so your footwear will dictate how easy and breezy you’re feeling on a day to day basis. Luxe sandals are a go-to for work and weekend appointments, but if you’re wearing closed toe boots or sneakers, make sure you adopt the strategies above to avoid a meltdown (canvas sneaks are a great option). 

Image: Showbit, Aimee Song outside the Chanel SS15 show in Paris

#6 Never go outside

Okay, this one’s a semi-joke, but is also actually achievable in Singapore, which is a landmass of air-conned buildings vs. the scorching outdoors. Generally it’s the walk between places that can really cause you to break out a sweat, so either opt for the underground air-con route if possible, or release your inner diva and take a taxi wherever you go. The walking can be saved for days when you’re dressed for the occasion, i.e in your favourite sports bra and leggings! 

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