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Attain K-Style cred instantly with these 6 wardrobe must-haves! | Images: Me-In.kr

We asked Korean fashion maven, Hyejin, who is the creative director of fashion store Me-In.kr, about the items every Korean woman has in her wardrobe. Here’s how you can get started on your authentic K-Style wardrobe!

How many of these do you already have?


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“For many Korean ladies, the ultimate fashion goal is to give off that ‘looking great without trying’ vibe,” says Hyejin. Sounds familiar? A versatile white blouse is your BFF (best fashion friend) for two reasons: It’s always there for you when you’re in trouble (deciding what to wear) and it makes you look 10 times better even when you’re not feeling your best. Wear with jeans or denim shorts for weekend brunch, or pair with a pencil skirt to make the look instantly office-ready.

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Apparently, the number one fashion faux pas in K-Style is to overdo an outfit. “Avoid flashy, one-off fashion trends when you are first building your wardrobe,” Hyejin says. Go for something in a conservative cut and pick pieces in black or white; think of it as a blank canvas to build your look upon. This will make it an any-occasion dress that you can dress up with heels and statement accessories for extra oomph. The best fabric for your dress is a cotton and polyester blend, for that comfortably soft and wrinkle-free texture.

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An all-purpose, classic and foolproof bag like a black leather one is a Korean fashionista must-have. Our Korean counterparts apparently pursue their desired “It” bag with the same fervour as Singaporeans. This habit is so popular that counterfeit handbags made in Seoul (which used to have emblazoned names like “Prana” and “Chamel”) have now evolved to more original, stylish and better quality designs.

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Korean fashionistas have a thing for silver hardware. “Silver is more versatile and goes well with a range of looks from casual to formal,” says Hyejin. Compared to a warm gold, a cool silver is beautiful when set against the popular pale and dewy Korean look. Hyejin also warns against mixing silver and gold in an outfit unless you’ve got a great eye. When in doubt, always reach for silver.

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To elevate your everyday look, incorporate pearls into your outfits. It’s a K-Style staple to have pearls or faux pearl accessories. You can start by getting a simple pearl ring or understated pearl earrings. Hyejin suggests going for brighter shades like true white or ivory, rather than darker tones of grey, to add a feminine and classy touch to your #OOTDs.

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The perfect slingback shoe marries style and comfort, and that’s why Korean women love it. It’s right at home in the “heel-crazed streets of Seoul”, says Hyejin. The covered toe cap is modest enough while the open back is perfect for hot-weather Singapore.

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