You already know all about the seven types of bras your wardrobe can’t live without. Now, I put the spotlight on your underwear drawer. Your granny panties may serve you well in the comfort department but they won’t do much in creating a sensual mood for a special night with your man.

You have a different pair of shoe for work, play and everything in between. In the same way, you should have a different pair of underwear for that sexy body-hugging dress, super short skirt and a sizzling hot date. That’s why every girl should have these five types of underwear.

Stretty lace Brazilian underwear from Triumph, $29.90. For a list of Triumph locations, go

Kiss visible panty lines goodbye for good with seamless underwear. A good pair of seamless undies, like this Stretty Skinfit pair from Triumph, will eliminate any lines and be invisible even under the tightest pair of jeans.

Light as Air hipster undies from Lululemon, $30. Available from Lululemon stores at #04-01, 83 Club Street and #02-01, 370 Joo Chiat Rd

For maximum comfort when you are busy working up a sweat, cotton is not your best friend. Instead, you need undies made of sweat-wicking material that won’t chafe even during long runs. You’ll be able to clock your personal best without a care in a super comfy pair of Lululemon Light as Air underwear.

Hot shots underwear from Triumph, $29.90. For a list of Triumph locations, go to

Also known as safety shorts, boy shorts are a must for days when you strut out in a short and flippy skirt that will recreate a Marilyn Monroe moment whenever there’s a slight breeze. The hem of these hot shots underpants ends just under the butt cheeks to protect your modesty so you can safely leave home in the skimpiest bottoms.

Allure knickers from Marks & Spencer, $49.90. For a list of Marks & Spencer locations, go to

When your clothes come off for sexy time, the last thing your man wants to see is your Supergirl cartoon undies. Even if you find thongs really uncomfortable, if you get a pair like the saucy Allure knickers, chances are, they won’t stay on long.

Mid Leg High Waist Girdle from Triumph, $199. For a list of Triumph locations, go

Well, not everyone can afford the time or energy to do all those crunches for a flat stomach but you can still fake and flaunt one with good shapewear. Besides creating a slim waistline, this girdle helps tuck all your bulges in and creates a smooth line from your waist and over your hips and thighs.