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It’s been a year since we last spoke to you! What’ve you been busy with?
So much has happened. We opened our (first) store in Dover Street in London last September. And we’ve launched shoes, which we sell mainly in the store now. I also spoke at the United Nations assembly, when I was named a UN goodwill ambassador last September. I can’t believe it’s been a year – time really flies!

So what’s new about the fitted dresses for Fall/Winter 2015?
We used a lot of spongy fabrics this season, so that the dresses are fitted but feel nice and comfy on the body.

Having the store has taught you to…
Really understand what my customers want. So each season, I can give them what they’re looking for. This season, I’m focusing on the fitted dress, which is what I started out with. I want to make women feel sexy, and feel like the best version of themselves.

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It all started with sexy, hourglass silhouettes for Victoria Beckham. And for Fall/Winter 2015, she goes back to her roots. Image: Getty Images

Your fave piece of clothing at the moment is…
The floral skirt from my summer collection – I’ve been wearing it a lot! I think it’s fun and easy to wear, yet sophisticated. The weather in England is nice now – I spend so much time in the cold back home that as soon as I get a little sun, I’ll be wearing my summer collection!

What’s next for Victoria Beckham?
We’ll be opening our second store in Hong Kong some time next year. And we’ll be spending a lot more time in Asia! Victoria Beckham ready-to-wear is available at Club 21’s store at Four Seasons Hotel, and bags and accessories are available at On Pedder.

This story was first published in Her World Magazine August 2015.

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