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We’re no strangers to online shopping and we all have our usual e-commerce sites we hit for our retail fix. Sometimes it feels like we’re in a rut, browsing for stuff to buy but not finding anything that tickles our fancy.  

Rejuvenate your (shopping) senses and try shopping at some new sites to shake up your wardrobe. You just might realise that there are some pretty good deals and great buys right under your nose all this time. 

We picked these 5 online shops for various reasons – one champions female designers who are environmentally friendly, another brings out the personal stories behind each jewellery collection it carries, and yet another gives you space to be creative and chic with personalised bags

These hidden gems promise great quality, plus, they all ship to Singapore.


Lisa Says Gah – Indie and eco-friendly fashion

L-R: Mari Giudicelli mury mule (US$638/ S$868), Veja 3 lock extra white pierre  (US$130), Maryam Nassir Zadeh maryam pump (US$398), Georgia Jay orla (US$342), Maryam Nassir Zadeh limbus bomber (US$1,296).

In 2012, it started off as a blog. Three years later, Lisa Says Gah transformed into the e-boutique it is today based in San Francisco. Founder Lisa Bühler is a former buyer for the Nasty Gal label and is all about finding the ‘holy grail items’ that make us say ‘Gah’.

Known for its easy navigation and editorial-like product shots, Lisa Says Gah brings new and lesser-known indie designers to your closet. More specifically, it highlights female designers with ethical production methods, like Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

When you visit Lisa Says Gah you’re greeted by an emporium of garments, shoes and bags. We’d say Lisa Says Gah’s specialises in shoes and bags that are unique and stand out from the usual pieces in your closet. 

While there are a few items below US$100, majority of them range between US$400 and US$900 because of the materials used and craftsmanship behind them. The same goes for its bags, shoes and other products.


Mr Kate – Creative and inspired jewellery

L-R: Crystal cuff (US$), Art prints (US$17/each), Why Not ring (US$69/each), Rain earrings (US$), Antiquities ring (US$), Bubbles mirror (US$).

Founded by metalsmith and jewellery designer Kate Albrecht, Mr Kate is a lifestyle brand that adds a touch of style with quirky, creative and inspiring pieces. 

The highlight of Mr Kate’s collections are the gorgeous jewellery pieces with crystal accents. Hand-made gold, rose gold and silver dipped jewellery pieces are priced from as low as S$17 to as high as S$273. However, the site has sales every now and then that see prices considerably slashed, so keep your eyes peeled.

If inspiring quotes and pretty prints on your walls is what you need to brighten up your living space, Mr Kate has exactly what you need too. There’s also furniture and decor items that the designer herself loves, so you’ll definitely find a great new piece to add to your home, think luxe sofas to bubble mirrors.

Another signature item from Mr Kate are the BeautyMarks tattoos in gold, silver, and watercolour designs you can apply as accessories to any patch of skin – perfect for a quick glam-up on New Year’s Eve, we say.




SocietyA – Supports regional design talents

L-R: Xinnatex pink striped deconstructed skirt (S$279), Ying the Label pastel canopies top (S$199), Xinnatex plaid deconsrtucted blazer (S$419), Xinnatex red cami top (S$199).

Locals Pek Lay Peng and Lily Hamid founded SocietyA in 2014 with one goal in mind – to highlight Asian designers. SocietyA aims to shake up the Asian fashion scene in a global way.

It started off with a pop-up store to test the waters, with only 11 brands under its belt. Today, it has an ecommerce website with 30 brands for you to choose from. Its clothes, shoes, bags and accessories galore from both leading and up-and-coming Asian designers and labels like Ying the Label – a homegrown brand. With prices ranging from mid to high-end, the brand is known as the NET-A-PORTER of Asia. 

Its products which have an Asian flavour stand out from conventional Western designs. So if you’re looking to try something new and unusual, you’ll find it at SocietyA. Plus you’re supporting regional talent to boot.


Stilnest – Lets you connect with influencers

L-R: Material Girl collection (US$64-249), Mehrnaz Gorges rosé edition (USD$27 each), Anna Saccone Written in The Stars and Zodiac collection(US$69-79).

Founded in 2013, Stilnest is an international e-commerce platform that connects bloggers, fashion designers and instagram influencers, like UK fashion and lifestyle blogger Anna Saccone, with its communities all around the world. In collaboration with these social media influencers, it creates products like jewellery and phone cases.

What sets Stilnest apart from other e-commerce sites is that every designer and influencer tells the story behind their collections – each boasts personal meanings which is then shared to build meaningful connections. For example Anna Saccone’s first zodiac necklace was inspired by her own Scorpio necklace which was passed down from her father and was passed down from generations before.

Each collection is made in collaboration with a different influencer so there’s bound to be something for everyone, from graceful zodiac-inspired pieces to nautical-themed jewellery. There are over 50 collections all made with quality materials like 925 silver or 18 carat gold.

After picking your jewellery piece, you can select the material and it will be manufactured specifically for you. Prices range above S$70 per piece.




 Pop & Suki – Personalised bags

L-R: Bigger camera bag with short tassel in cotton candy(US$250), Camera bag in oxford and plum (US$195), Bestie charm in silver (US$30), Smaller heart tag in noir (US$30), Caryall tote bag in cognack nubuck (US$430).

British TV presenter Poppy Jamie and actress Suki Waterhouse are best friends who started this company to make the bags they really wanted. 

The brand launched with one pastel pink camera bag which could be personalised with one’s initials. Everyone who was anyone had one – Behati Prinsloo, Lady Gaga and even the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, Pippa Middleton.

Three simple things make their products so highly demanded: Personalisation, quality and variety. You can have your name printed on the bag and an emoji too if you fancy it. Then you can choose the colours and what kind of strap you’d like – scallop straps and backpack straps. 

Although Pop & Suki’s bags are made of high quality Italian leather and nubuck suede, their prices start from just S$150.

When you visit Pop & Suki, you’ll be welcomed by a colourful palette of tote bags, makeup cases and bigger camera bags.