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It’s Monday, you woke up late, and you’re thinking of just zipping out of the house in your basic work wear and make-up. Stop. Pull yourself out of the style rut by making use of accessories — these magical babies transform some the the most bland and boring outfits into stylish masterpieces without much fuss. You just have to remember to put them on. Here are some lazy girl-style hacks that will make your life that much easier.


1. Get a Statement Necklace

A statement necklace is a must-have for any lazy girl. Instantly add the wow-factor to your apparel — whether it is a skirt-suit combo or an unbuttoned billowing blouse — with this versatile fashion accessory. Project feminine flair or polished elegance, all with one accessory! All you have to do is to hunt down a piece that is classic and wearable for all occasions. Make sure it is not so gaudy that it’s not suitable for work.


2. Keep Your Accessories On Overnight

Okay, we don’t recommend this for chokers or long necklaces, for safety reasons. But for short delicate chains and other accouterments, wearing them to sleep will cut down on the time spent in the morning pondering over the right adornments for your outfits. Opt for a pair of earrings with simple stud details or thin bracelets — these, while adding class to your outfit, would not be much of a hindrance to you when you’re asleep.


3. Decorate Your Purses Instead

An unexpected way to jazz up your work outfit would be to add an accent to your carryall instead. Choose bright and cheery bag charms or colour block scarves — they will give your understated work bag an extra pop.


4. Narrow Down Your Shoe Choices

Set aside your array of party shoes for the weekend (we’re talking about your sky high stilettos and platform sandals). Instead, keep your choices simple when it comes to the office. Rotate between two to three staples — a pair of classic block heel shoes (which can be pumps or open-toed), a pair of slingback mid-heels, and a pair of pointy-toed flats are just what you need to carry you through the work week.



5. Curate a Weekly Routine

Stick to a system every week to keep things organised and your mornings stress-free. It could resemble something like this:

Monday: Gold accessories

Tuesday: Scarves

Wednesday: Statement necklace only

Thursday: Silver accessories

Friday: Fun, loud and crazy

You could also lay out your accessories for the week on Sunday night and just work your way down. For easier reach and to prevent your pieces from getting all tangled together, consider storing them in storage items such as these from Muji. They have multiple shelving units to keep things neat, and they’re also easy on the eye.



Bonus Tip: Keep a pair of spare earrings in your purse for matters of emergency (i.e. it slipped your mind to accessorise that day). We suggest a pair of medium-sized hoop earrings — they’re stylish, work appropriate and most importantly, easy to locate inside your purse. Just don’t forget to put them back into your purse at the end of the day, in case you need this style-saver again.