A good phone case, besides protecting your device against damage, should also guard your reputation as a fashion girl. That means their designs have to be as drop-dead gorgeous as your wardrobe. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest cases that’ll upgrade your Instagram #OOTDs from ordinary to extraordinary. 

iPhone 7 case, $134.93 by The Case Factory at Net-a-porter

Just in time for the lunar new year, this leather phone case with a pineapple print will help usher in a blissful and prosperous 2017. Huat ah!

iPhone 6 case, $92.86 by Stella McCartney at Net-a-porter

In need of something to cheer up your day? How about this rainbow-spilling cloud phone case. Bonus: It’ll look good as a prop for your Instagram #flatlays too.

iPhone 7 case, $14 by Celebrate Shop at She Shops

It may only be Tuesday but that doesn’t mean you can’t go all out to show others that you’re already in a party mood, waiting for Friday’s arrival. This champagne bottle inspired casing will keep you company in the meantime. Cheers to that!

iPhone 6 case, $13.90 by Fevrier Designs at Naiise

Warning: Staring too hard at this phone case will induce some serious cravings for ice cream in you. Resist… if you dare.

iPhone 6 case, $34.80 by Snupped at Naiise

Fried food normally comes with tons of calories. This ‘pack of fries’, however, is — yes, you’ve guessed it — calorie-free. But be careful not to stare at it when you’re hungry; you might find yourself reaching out to it for some fries.

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