#1 Clothes that you will only wear once

I am the most guilty of doing this. I used to purchase at least 2 fast fashion items on a weekly basis because I was addicted to the attractive prices and the on-trend designs. It was virtually impossible for me to walk out of a store empty handed. After years of feeding this monster in me, I realised that I have amassed more than a hundred pieces of clothes, most of them barely worn.

Tip: It’s not a crime to wear the same outfit time after time.

If the item of clothing suits you well, there is no harm in re-wearing it. Some of the world’s biggest fashion icons are synonymous with particular items of clothing that they wear again and again. It’s better to put that $59.90 towards items that you really love. (e.g. designer heels that are worth the splurge)

#2 Clothing made of low quality fabric

Another reason why I feel I need to constantly update my wardrobe; because the clothes I buy seem to fall apart after a couple of wears. Loose threads, missing buttons, yellowing of fabric …

Tip: You must check the quality of the garment before buying it.

It’s advisable to buy clothing made out of natural materials such as cotton, silk and wool. Their price points might be higher than their fake counterparts (e.g. polyester, acetate and rayon) but they withstand wear and washing much better. You should also take note of the stitching. Good stitching should have 8 or more stitches per inch.

#3 Gorgeous shoes that hurt

Yes I know, every girl needs a pair of showstopping heels to wear with their little black dresses, but let’s be practical here, if they kill your feet the moment you put them on, you will never ever wear them.

Tip: Test the shoes out before you buy them.

Most girls I know slip a pair of shoes on for a couple of minutes only to preen in front of the mirror. That little time is not sufficient to know if the shoes will hurt your feet. Take a couple of laps around the store in brisk steps to know that they are suitable for your feet. If you want to purchases shoes online, make sure the site offers exchanges and refunds! And remember to try these shoes on a carpet or soft surface.

#4 Designer items that don’t feel special

It’s terribly tempting to splurge on a designer item because it seems like every other cool chick in town is toting it. You must remember that these items are gifted to bloggers and influencers. (sometimes they are even paid to wear them!)

Tip: Don’t buy these items just because everyone else has one.

If you are working within a budget, it’s important that you think long and hard about making a big ticket purchase. You shouldn’t buy it unless you really love it, and will use it over and over again for years to come.

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