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For many, the holiday season can be a more stressful time than usual. Some of us are putting in extra hours at work now so we can spend our Christmas elsewhere; some are wrapped up with planning parties; a few are making last ditch attempts at fulfilling New Year’s resolutions; while most of us are busy agonising over what to gift our Secret Santa matches.

That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of relieving some of your stress by picking out four useful gifts that anyone would like, and that would also happen to look very good on Instagram (if your recipient is into that). P.S. One of them costs just $15 too.


1. S’well: The bottles to increase your perceived attractiveness



Cold drinks, cozy sweaters. #SwellAdventures Traveler: Teakwood Photo by: @maestier

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Using a reusable drinking bottle tells others two things about you: the first is that you are likely an eco-friendly person; the second is you are always well prepared. These bottles from S’well tell a third: that you also have great taste.



Beach bound. #SwellSummer

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Besides looking, well, swell, they feature trademarked, triple-walled insulation that keeps whatever you want to drink cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12, and the exterior is condensation-free (trust us, we tested that).


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From the US, they come in two sizes: 9oz and 17oz; the latter can hold more than half a bottle of wine. Cheers, folks. $45-$65, Monument Lifestyle.


2. Orbitkey: The key to keeping your life together


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Orbitkey is not a key. It’s better. It’s a slim strip of rubber, canvas or leather fastened at one end by a straightforward screw to contain jingling, jangling keys better than any other key pouch.


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Why? It’s designed like a Swiss army knife to neatly organise your keys (up to seven of them) into a neat, sleek stack. How it works: Unscrew the screw to release the strip of material; insert keys onto screw; fasten screw and material; done.


Image: Orbitkey


You can also turn the Orbitkey into an actual kick-ass Swiss army knife by adding the brand’s USB, and/or stainless steel multi-tool (it’s a bottle opener, multi-size hex wrench, box-cutter, and flat-head screwdriver all-in-one). From $39.90, Outside at Orchard Gateway or


3. Aesop: The toiletries that no one says no to



It is not an exaggeration to say everyone likes something or other from Aesop, one of Australia’s biggest exports. It is also not an exaggeration to say that the brand’s hand soaps and hand creams are in the bathrooms of the cooler restaurants and hotels.



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It is definitely not an exaggeration to say its seasonal toiletry gift packs will not be regifted. There are six types (from all-body, -hand or -face products to a mix of all three) for the year-end. $90-$230.


4. Bowlingspil: The portable bowling game that is also zen-like home decor


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This Singapore-designed-and-made game may suffer the usual fate of most tabletop games – that of being used just once, when first received. But instead of collecting dust under the bed, this one will be displayed. $15, Actually at Orchard Gateway or