1) The Minna Parikka Store

Aleksanterinkatu 36, 00100 Helsinki

4 fun things we did in Helsinki Minna-Parikka-ss15-lookbook11-low-res2.jpg
Images: Minna Parikka & Ian Lee

Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Kylie Jenner are all fans of this super quirky 10-year-old Helsinki-based accessories label. And we can totally see why! We’re loving the brand’s iconic bunny-themed pumps and sneakers, and this season’s whimsical sushi sandals. If you’re not planning a trip to Helsinki anytime soon, you can also shop the label at www.minnaparikka.com.

4 fun things we did in Helsinki MINNA-PARIKKA-PEACE-STILETTO-BLUE-LOW-RES-4.jpg

Leather d’Orsays, 350 euros.

4 fun things we did in helsinki MINNA-PARIKKA-DAISY-BLACK-LOW-RES3.jpg

Leather d’Orsays, 295 euros.

4 fun things we did in Helsinki MINNA-PARIKKA-TAIL-SNEAKS-LEOPARD-DENIM-LOW-RES-4.jpg

Denim sneakers, 260 euros.

4 fun things we did in Helsinki MINNA-PARIKKA-LOLITA-POWDER-PATENT-LOW-RES-kopio2.jpg

Patent leather pumps, 350 euros.

4 fun things we did in Helsinki MINNA-PARIKKA-RAW-STILETTO-RES-LOW-RES-4.jpg

Patent leather sandals, 395 euros.

2) The Marimekko Cafe & Outlet Store

Puusepänkatu 4, 00880 Helsinki


No visit to Finland is complete without hitting one of Marimekko’s print-tastic stores. And if that leaves you wanting more, you’ll have to check out the cafe at Marimekko’s HQ, where you get to have a full Marimekko-style lunch (that includes coffee, soup, bread, salads and sides) for about 10 euros with the brand’s signature patterned plates, bowls and cups – great for Instagram moments! It doesn’t hurt that there’s a Marimekko outlet store in the same building, with off-season items on discounts of about 50 per cent off.

3) Breakfast at Klaus K

Bulevardi 2, 00120 Helsinki


Yes, the Finnish indulge in sweet treats for breakfast. If you have a sweet tooth, the Klaus K boutique hotel is a great place to stay – homemade blueberry cheesecake, cookies and brownies, anyone? Food aside, Klaus K is just a five-minute walk to some of Helsinki’s best shops including department store Stockmann (that stocks Acne Studios, Filippa K and Tiger of Sweden) and multi-label store Della Marga (you’ll find Saint Laurent, Valentino and even Chanel here).


4) The Helsinki Cathedral

Unionsgatan 29, 00121 Helsinki


One of Helsinki’s key landmarks, this neoclassical style cathedral (that was completed in 1852!) is a sight to behold – and although we only managed to squeeze time for a quick snap outside, we have to say that the stunning, almost all-white-buidling makes an amazing Instagram photo!  

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