Phillip Lim broke down the elements for his Spring 2014 runway show to pay tribute to Mother Earth.

The ground – the stuff we stand on – has been ignored and abused for long enough, reckoned Lim who said “[Landscapes, terrain and rocks] never let us down, we destroy them.”

The designer gamely cracked open the ground, especially geodes (volcanic rock structure) to show off the natural  beauty that lives inside. This explained the swirly concentric patterns that were embroidered onto organza jackets and sweaters – the same is seen when geodes are sliced in cross-section.

An oversized suede vest stood out with its metallic green sheen that resembled oil puddles on the tarmac with the same treatment being given to a rather lovely full skirt. Lim also recreated a dusty desert terrain with bleached denim pieces like city shorts and a moto jacket that had a faint tie-dye effect.

The mainly neutral and earth colour palette was broken up when psychedelic wave motifs of pink and lavender appeared paired with the same swirly concentric pattern, this time in green and white. We couldn’t help but feel that we were looking at a colourful interferogram (the terrain seen through radar).

There were many sheer elements incorporated into the looks but the boxy and all-round stiff shapes looked as if they could stand on their own – a subtle hint of how strong the earth (as neglected as it is) is.

We can’t forget a mention about the mainly flat footwear like monk-strap sandals and loafers that are comfortable, chic and great for navigating a rough terrain on.