Who knew a scarf could be worn in so many ways?

Her World magazine’s April issue gave away a scarf with each copy so we were inspired by the colourful, vibrant designs by local designers Jo Soh from Hansel and Nic Wong from Nicholas to have a go ourselves. Here are three ways we tried using the scarves to accent our outfits.

Way 1: The Necklace

3 ways to wear a scarf

This is the simplest way to jazz up your outfit. Fold scarf lengthwise until it becomes a thin long strip. Knot a big knot right in the middle for a start, and knot as many or as little knots as you like after. Make sure the space between each knot is equal so it won’t end up looking messy.

Way 2: The Shrug

3 ways to wear a scarf

Instead of draping your scarf around your shoulders like everyone else out there, try doing this when you don’t want to keep draping and redraping it everytime it slips off. Lay the scarf out flat, length-wise and knot two ends together. And voila, your one-of-a-kind shrug!

Way 3: The Bag

3 ways to wear a scarf

For when you’re out and have nothing but your scarf and need a makeshift bag.

Lay the scarf flat, in a diamond shape with one corner pointed at you. Take two opposite ends of the scarf and twist them over each other but do not knot them. Then, take the two untied ends and knot them together while holding the two other ends in each hand and you’ll have your emergency bag.

Don’t put too many things in it though, trust us, it looks much better with only a few items.

Inspired? If you are, take up our scarf-tying challenge and send in photos of yourself rocking the scarves and you might just win some fabulous prizes. For more details>>