From the land of K-Pop and kimchi, comes an impressive troop of Korean fashion designers that looks to set the world ablaze, just like the country’s music and food industries. Leading the pack in the domination of the fashion world is designer Jei Kim, the brains behind Fleamadonna.

One of the highlights of the recent Tokyo Fashion Week was Fleamadonna’s Autumn Winter 2014 collection.

Looks from the Fleamadonna Autumn Winter 2014 collection shown at Tokyo Fashion Week. Images: Tokyo Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

It’s understandable that Fleamadonna is well-received back home in Korea but amazing to know that the Seoul-based label has been making such a splash in Tokyo. One look at the brand’s kawaii yet edgy looks that came down the runway and it isn’t hard to understand its appeal to the Japanese – and the rest of the world too.

We put Fleamadonna under the spotlight and fill you in on the three things to know about this emerging fashion label.

Universal appeal
Kim has a way of balancing extremes – like the sportswear-inspired looks juxtaposed with elegant feminine details as showcased in the Autumn Winter 2014 collection. The designer has won the hearts of girls everywhere by projecting her own cute punk style onto the label’s designs. Be it saucy leopard prints, whimsical seashell motifs or fierce varsity jackets, Fleamadonna appeals to both the girlie girl and the edgy fashionista.

Celebrity fans

From left: Both Barbara Palvin and Nu’est’s Minhyuk have been seen wearing the Fleamadonna Heritage top, US$270; Multi Printed Unbalance Dress, US$515 and Braided Headband, US$110

Naturally, K-Pop stars are fans of the brand, both onstage and off screen. Girls’ Generation and f(x) members have donned Fleamadonna in music videos and magazine spreads while members of 2NE1 and Miss A have incorporated the label’s pieces in their off-duty street style. The brand’s appeal extends to the males too. Nu’est’s Minhyuk, for instance has been spotted in the Heritage top from the Autumn Winter 2013 collection. In fact, supermodel Barbara Palvin also loves the same badge-patched shirt.

Colour loyalty

Pink, blue and blue are always featured in the Fleamadonna collections. From left: See Through Dress With Dots, US$355; Multi Check Unbalance Dress, US$141 and Metallic Peplum Top, US$390

While Kim has no qualms about playing with different textures – mixing light materials like silk with heavier fabrics like wool comes to second nature to her – the designer has a pretty one-track mind about colours. Here’s a little trivia for you – whatever season it is, Kim makes sure to include black, pink and sky blue, in the season’s colour palette.

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