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Skin SOS alert! Are you red in the face from stewing in Singapore’s sweltering heat (and sporadic haze)? In keeping with the critical nature of this crisis of the complexion, let’s get straight to it:

Keep a cool head. The first order of business is to squelch the splotches that makes ruddy skin so unpleasantly prominent. You can consider spritzing on stuff with alleviating aloe vera and soothing salicylic acid – I’m addicted to the incredibly invigorating tingle of Urban Decay’s B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray – but if you’re more of a hands-on DIY hacker, feel free to cool the “hotspot” as if you were icing an injured knee.

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Simply hold a cold compress against your cheek for a minute or so, then pat dry. The dip in temperature shrinks the skin’s blood vessels and blots out blotchiness; say “vasoconstriction” if you want to impress your dermatologist. Bonus: This cool trick also placates puffiness, outsized pores and such – essentially any and every cosmetic concern.

Fake it with a soothing foundation. Prep your face with your usual skincare unguents, then move on to makeup proper. Now for the million-dollar question: Foundation or concealer first? Personally speaking, I sit squarely on the foundie-before-concealer side of things; if you need a little bit more, you can always go back in with a small brush and finish the job with the latter.

Product recommendation-wise, my obsession du jour has got to be Ettusais’ excellent new Premium Amino Essence Foundation, a fluid formula stuffed with thirst-quenching moisture magnets and shot through with carefully calibrated pearlescent pigments to “colour correct” patchy complexion.

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Another big plus: The perfectly respectable SPF25 PA++ rating also means you’re shielding your sensitive scarlet skin from the rapacious rays of the sun. (Quick aside: You can slap on a green-tinted primer prior to foundation, but most formulas on the market only end up lending my complexion a disappointingly sickly cast. You know the drill: Sharing is caring, so if you’ve got a good green colour corrector to recommend, go right ahead and spill it!)

In any case, simply press your foundation of choice into your skin with clean fingers, take a step back and scrutinise yourself in the mirror. Pleased with the level of coverage? Congrats, you’re good to go. If red patches are still peeking through, proceed to the next step.

Top up with a creamy concealer. When it comes to this makeup essential, everyone and their mother seems to have the most vociferous of opinions, but I’ve found that a creamy product infused with soothing oils is your best bet. (I’m a sucker for Cle de Peau Beaute’s supremely covetable Concealer, but then again, just about every beauty buff I know feels the same way.)

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The consistency of your concealer matters because the chances of unsightly caking and creasing are radically reduced if your already delicate skin is kept perfectly pampered and well hydrated.

Give your skin another once-over with a calming mist, and you’re done! All ready to “face” the day. Good luck getting out of the red!

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