Photo: Thomas Sabo

When Thomas Sabo first introduced its Charm Club range in 2006, it focused on what other brands did (or still do): Producing charms in varied designs for people to collect.

Now known as Generation Charm Club, the range shows the German jeweller’s different take. The charms are still for collectors, but they are unisex as well as for all ages, and go beyond the traditional idea of charms.

In sterling silver or plated in 18K gold, and in as many as 200 designs, from vintage-inspired to punk inspired, the charms play a triple role: as necklace pendants, earring add-ons, and wrist charms. To help you get the idea, Generation Charm Club includes 10 new designs for chains, chokers and bracelets in varying lengths, finishes, and styles. $28-$459.

See our picks of the top 15 prettiest charms from the collection: