OK … I have to admit I do love a bit of kapoh-ing of the street style pics from all the fashion weeks from around the world; sometimes I think that what people are wearing on the streets is way more interesting than what’s on the runways.

Anyway, checking out all the pics of famous and not-so-famous (but desperately want to be) fashionistas from a bunch of photos sent to me by our photographer based in London (thanks Onin!) I noticed that just about all of them were wearing something blue.

Sure, denim is a hot trend right now, oh, and it’s cold; but seriously? Do they all Whatsapp each in advance to work out what to wear?

Still … overall, it’s great #inspo on how to wear your denim (or just your blue stuff) … Here are 12 ideas you can add to your own wardrobe.

london fashion week street style BLUE 11

This look on Hannah Crosskey is for true denim lovers only. The patchwork coat is showing major love for the 70s trend, but combined with the flared jeans and fur (faux?) stole she’s just screaming “Shoot me! I’m a street style star!” don’t you think?

london fashion week street style BLUE 12

OK, some 70s trend love showing here on Zina Charkoplia but the colour mix is one to try … Mid to bright blue denim plus maroon plus black and a touch of beige equals very elegant, don’t you think?

london fashion week street style BLUE 4

Right .. Not loving the massive bow (what? is Daria Shapalova a big birthday present?) but the cute denim coatdress is great over skinny darker denim jeans and the tiny, little sky blue bag becomes a great highlight. You can get the same look with a denim dress over jeans (another hot trend).

london fashion week street style BLUE 5

Doesn’t Donna Wallace look awesome in sky blue? Light blue looks great on darker skin tones. The mix of faded blue jeans, sky blue coat ‒ you can replace with a cute dress ‒ goes from nice to fashion with the addition of those shiny powder pink boots (just swap with sneakers for Singapore weather).

london fashion week street style BLUE 6

Here’s more sky blue and pink … Hmmm … it can look a bit candy-girl (especially with that teddy! What IS that all about?) but mixing layers of the two colours and adding metallic accents makes the look more grown-up.

london fashion week street style BLUE 7

Sooooooo 70s (yes, yes, flares are apparently back) … Still the mid-blue jeans match really well with lemon yellow … It’s an easy colour way to try since everyone owns a pair of mid-blue jeans right?

london fashion week street style BLUE 10

If you’re more into classic style, this classic mix of muted pastels and khaki with denim and white is the perfect way to go. But make sure you do layer in a few different colours and textures, otherwise it will look super boring.

london fashion week street style BLUE 2

Not sure if Candice Lake’s skirt is actually denim but you can do a similar look with a denim skirt; again it’s the various layers of blue that add to the overall elegance. You don’t always need to add another colour to your look. And the brighter shade of the bag adds a real pop.

london fashion week street style BLUE 1

OK, not denim but Atosa Nikkhah is doing a great use of blue … that’s the check, a bright blue coat and navy blue jacket. The white in the check is echoed in the sneakers (still a major trend) and the trim on the jacket which helps tie it all together

london fashion week street style BLUE 3

Totally love this look by Carmen Negoita … The touch of green is echoed in both plaids with ties it all together (her legs must be cold though!). She’s wearing a navy cropped tailcoat with this but substitute a dark denim jacket and you’ll have a similar fun look.

london fashion week street style BLUE 8

This look is so totally fashion … The light blue and white check coat matched with red and white stripes on the dress and the bag is so modern. And personally I’m in love with those platform loafers!

london fashion week street style BLUE 9

Super cute … bright blue always looks good with white so by adding black and a touch of red and black (not even going to mention those socks though) you can make a ho-hum look so much more interesting. Swap in a denim skirt and wear with black sneakers and you’re good for Singapore.

All images by Onin Lorente from London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2015. Check out more of Onin’s great pics on style-anywhere.com.