It’s June now — the hottest month of the year in Singapore. It’s getting increasingly unbearable, and I find it a real challenge to dress up these days because it’s simply too warm and humid outside. I have been sticking to t-shirts everyday, yes even for work.

If this wardrobe staple is just being used as your workout top or as the go-to for your unglamourous errands, you might need to think again. This white staple may just be the most overlooked item in your closet that boasts the most potential for outfit versatility.

Here are 11 stylish ways for you to wear your t-shirts. Beat the heat! And look more chic than everyone else on the streets.

1. Throw on a blazer

2. Pile on the bling

3. Contrast it with bold colours

4. Jazz it up with accessories

5. Add trending elements

6. Wear it with cute shoes

7. Match it with animal print

8. Wear it oversized

9. Layer a bralet over it

10. Do denim with a twist

11. Pair it with a tube dress