If you’re blessed to work in a more casual than smart-casual work environment or relish in your off-duty weekend style, these tips are for you. See how you can make a simple white tee and blue jeans outfit look A-list worthy and the other tricks that make every basic #ootd a lesson in style.

#1 Cuff where needed
Fit and proportion matter as much as good quality basics, in fact, they can make poor quality materials look instantly smarter as when something fits well, you’re wearing it, not the other way round! Cuff those jeans where needed, particularly if you’re rocking a boyfriend fit, and the same applies to shirt sleeves or oversized t-shirts, cuff or tie with a hair band where necessary! 


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#2 Choose your bag wisely
We can’t all afford Chanel and Dior bags to make a statement, but no matter what the brand or price point, you can ensure that your accessories make any basic outfit pop. Choose an interesting colour, like a cobalt blue or dark green or a bag with colourful details like Caroline Issa’s here to make every outfit look a million dollars and add colour and fun!


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#3 Shop looking for a difference
Basic black pumps can look edgy rather than boring if you shop looking for that point of difference. An asymmetric cut, a super pointed toe or high heel all add edge and femininity to a stalwart shoe. 


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#4 It’s how you wear it
The one editor’s trick worldwide is to wear your jacket over your shoulders rather than on them. This subtle styling change-up looks super chic and will still keep you covered! 


#5 Pair high and low
Hi-and-lo fashion has been big forever, but these days tailoring and sneakers have become a real perfect match! Comfort and style have never looked so good …


#6 Play with proportions
It’s all in the details, invest in wide-leg pants that are a little too long, and put some height in your sneakers (platform sneakers are still everywhere) to give yourself extra style points. 


#7 Loosen up your buttons
Denim is everywhere these days, from jeans in every colour and cut to dresses and even sunglasses! With a denim shirt or dress, unbutton the top buttons (depending on how blessed your bust is) so that you look nonchalant and subtly sexy, keep it in good taste ladies (or wear a nude camisole underneath if you’re worried)! 


#8 Tuck it in
The quarter or half tucked in shirt is a styling trick to always keep up your (rolled up sleeves). It look super chic and nonchalant, whilst maintaining the easy-breezy volume of oversized pieces, whilst still being flattering rather than looking like you’ve gone up a few dress sizes. 


#9 Go asymmetric to accentuate
An asymmetric cut is not only interesting and a point of design difference on most items, but should be deployed wisely to accentuate what you want to. An asymmetric cut on a heel lengthens your legs and a one-shoulder look your collarbones and decolletage. 


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#10 It’s all in the details
This is the key to remember when it comes to those little touches which really make the difference, a tucked in shirt, a rolled up leg or a colourful scarf tied to an otherwise neutral bag can instantly up the ante of your off-duty (and on-duty) looks. 

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