From dresses that you better proportions to choosing the right shoes and cuts that flatter your curves, we’ll tell you how to dress better to look slimmer, instantly.

10 style tips that can make you look slimmer, instantly!

The right belt does wonders – click for this and more looks you can wear with culottes too. Image: Jasper Yu/ herworldPLUS

1. Find a silhouette that works
When it comes to dresses, it can be tricky trying to find a silhouette works for your body shape. Go for A-lines and minimize your flares, minimal dresses always work. Steer clear of shift dresses, gathers and tiers as they do not work on a curvy body.

2. Not just black!
The myth of how black can make you look slimmer isn’t entirely true. Black does not work as a slimming colour on everyone, especially if you are fair. If you need to go dark, try other hues such as navy, olive, maroon and aubergine. Otherwise, try experimenting with colours.

3. Invest in shapewear
It’s the secret behind those flawless dresses on the red carpet (many celebrities – even the men – admit they layer 2-3 Spanx underneath it all!). We’ll tell you why you should invest in a good piece of shapewear:

a. You can make up to two inches disappear from your waistline.
b. They tuck in all the bulges, leaving you with a smooth and defined skin.
c. It lifts your body up, giving you better posture and brings forth your bust and bottom.

4. Choose good fabrics
Give thought to the feel of the fabrics on your skin and the way it drapes on your body the next time you go shopping. Thicker or heavier fabrics help keep bulges out of sight and make you look more sleek and tasteful. The bonus? They last longer!

5. Structures
Define your body shape using structured lines and cuts. Cut-ins that sit on your waist help make it looked tucked in while princess seam lines that run vertically make your front portion look smaller.

6. It’s all in the layers
This may seem to defy logic but sometimes you have to put on more clothes to look a dress size smaller. Throwing on a tailored jacket, casual blazer of over-throw is a quick and effective way to fashion-fix your trickiest outfit while keeping your style interesting.

7. Wear the belt right
Wearing a belt can be tricky if you are pear or apple-shaped. As a general rule, thick and clinching belts go on the waist while thin ones go on the hips.

8. Proportional
Looking right is just as important as looking good. The trick is to minimize the emphasis of a heavier body part. Straight or flared bottoms even out a heavy upper torso and if you have wide hips, go for tops that are not tightly clinched to your waist.

9. Shoe size
It may be right at the bottom, but they are your foundation. What you put on your feet affects your overall size proportion. Shoes that are too narrow, small or flat can make you look stocky, so pick ones that are solid. If you’re unsure, check yourself in the mirror.

10. Know your sleeve length
If you’re a size 14 and above, showing off your arms can sometimes make you look bigger. To reduce the emphasis on your arms, steer clear from box cut tops, sleeves that cut off at your shoulders and cap sleeves. Go for sleeves that are at least half the length of your upper arm. If you want to sleeveless, wear a halter or straps that cut in at your shoulder cap.

This story was originally published in Her World Malaysia on October 16, 2014.