Yes, we know it’s a new year, and soon to be a Lunar New Year too, but there’s nothing like revisiting closet favourites to re-energise your wardrobe and keep things fresh. Like your favourite old movie or 90s R’n’B tunes, sometimes there’s nothing quite like the pieces in your life that have stood the test of time, trends and many annual clear-outs. Say hello to your 10 trusted wardrobe heroes:

Image: Showbit

#1 The Breton top

Originally popularised by Mademoiselle Chanel when she was inspired watching French fisherman in her hometown, the striped navy and white top has become a complete classic. Wear on days when you want easy, breezy cool. 

#2 The ‘boyfriend’ shirt

Every girl needs a stolen/borrowed/bought man shirt in her wardrobe. There’s something enviably cool about a woman in a perfectly oversized shirt and it always looks on the sultry side of sexy. 

Image: Showbit

#3 The turtleneck

Yes, you can rock this wardrobe favourite even in Singapore’s hot and crazy-humid weather. Pick a sleeveless style if you’re prone to overheat, take inspiration from Ferragamo’s gorgeous sweater sets, or pre-empt fridge-like offices by going long-sleeved and chic. 

#4 The over-sized scarf

A must when travelling, at work, for adding colour and a just-threw-this-on vibe to any and every outfit.

#5 The slouchy cardigan

Another must-have for freezing air-con offices and planes as well as adding contrast to more fitted dresses or shorter silhouettes.

Image: Showbit (Margaret Zhang at the SS16 shows in New York)

#6 The perfect blazer

Trust us, if you haven’t found ‘the one’ yet. You need to. The perfect fit, form and colour will be your wardrobe’s best, trusty old friend. You may not talk every day, but when you do it’s like nothing has changed and the love is stronger than ever. This item, sleeveless or full-sleeved, is your go-to for power brunches, business meetings and being at the same party as your ex.

#7 The plimsolls

Keds, Supergas, vintage Dunlops. Sneakerhead trends come and go, but none are better than the classics. The originals are the best in the game, basic white, navy or black plimsolls are so much more than just school gym attire. 

#8 The genuine leather belt

Leather only really gets better with age. A leather belt will cinch you in post-Christmas, Chinese New Year and whenever you’re looking to accentuate your waist. Leather is timeless and a good quality piece will last a lifetime and beyond. 

#9 The perfect pair of jeans

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m actually not a jeans person at all (my friends exclaim if I ever do choose to wear them) but I love a well-fitted pair of treggings (tr: trouser leggings for those who are confused). You need to find the trouser-type which works best for your body, lifestyle and personal taste and then invest in getting them in every colour you want. They will become a wardrobe go-to when you’re running late in the morning and still need to look put-together. 

Image: Showbit

#10 The freakum dress (& heels to match)

Bey knew what she was talking about when she penned the song ‘Freakum Dress’. “Somethimes you’ve gotta go to the back of your closet and put on that freak-em dress”. There are days and nights when you want to dress to impress and feel a million dollars, whether it be an LBD, an LWD, or a floor-length, show-stopping piece, find your dress and own it. Plus heels; heels are always a good idea. 

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