How to make any outfit look expensive with 8 easy tips

Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it! We show you how to make mixing high and low pieces look purely high-end with these 8 simple tricks

We all want to look and feel a million dollars at all times, but unfortunately, sometimes our budget doesn’t allow us to follow through on buying every gorgeous new season item on our lust lists. The old adage also rings true, money can’t buy style. The most high-end designer pieces, if styled wrongly, can look tacky and cheap! So what are the magic ingredients to achieve a consistantly pulled together look? See our 8 life hacks for how to make every #ootd one worth shouting about with a luxe, expensive looking edge …


#1 Full steam ahead

There’s nothing worse than creased, crinkled clothing if you’re trying to look professional, or just presentable! Iron away those creases and you’ll see an instant change, and if you’re pressed for time, we’ve detailed how to unwrinkle clothes without an iron for you. 

#2 Add metallic details

A metallic sheen can work wonders for an outfit, particularly yellow or rose gold pieces. Adding fine faux-gold jewellery, a metallic watch or even via simple details such as zips and buttons with a metallic sheen can instantly upgrade any look. 

#3 Give your clothes and shoes some TLC

Invest money and time in maintaining your shoes, dresses and bags and you won’t regret it. Getting your shoes recobbled, polishing leather boots and getting your bags cleaned will make them last a lot longer and always look like new. Unbrushed suede and scuffed shoes look tatty and can make even expensive pieces look unkempt and cheap. A little TLC goes a long way. 

#4 Make your sticky roller your BFF

Having a lint roller to hand is a must if you want to achieve a groomed, expensive look. Purchase a little one to keep in your bag along with your mini umbrella and other essentials for keeping stylish in Singapore weather! This is an essential for times when your washing machine has made your clothes more fluffy than clean, or if you’re living in polluted (hazy) weather. 

#5 Invest in timeless pieces

Sometimes it pays (excuse the pun) to fork out on the classics. Just make sure that you keep your eyes peeled during sales periods, or for special newsletter offers from your favourite brands if you’re shopping on a budget. Spending money on a pair of classic Choos or Louboutin pumps that will elevate every work and weekend outfit is money well spent!

#6 Make sure everything fits

Wearing a too small top or skirt is an instant outfit cheapener. Too tight or too small and VPL (or VBL, visible bra line) is almost guaranteed. Ensure all your go-to pieces are well fitted, and if they’re in need of lengthening, shortening or taking in, visit a professional seamstress to help you out. The small cost will add a million dollar edge to your outfit. Even the simplest tricks such as cuffing your jeans by rolling them up or adding a waist-cinching belt to accentuate your silhouette will take your look from high street to high end in a flash, as well as giving you a more flattering shape. 

#7 Attention to detail

Doing a DIY mani-pedi, or visiting a professional salon once in awhile to keep those talons in check will make everything you touch look more glamorous! As well as looking luxe and neat, polished nails are somewhere you can experiment and have fun with trends without commitment, from bright colours to vampy burgundies, your nails are a little canvas that easily give you a fresh, expensive vibe. 

#8 Put your sunnies on

Did you know that research shows sunglasses make everyone look more attractive? If you choose the right shape, they can accentuate your best angles. Living in Singapore, we have the perfect excuse to rock ours all year round, better yet, they’ll stop you from ageing quickly, and youth is an expensive commodity! 

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