Here’s the thing. My prescription for perfection has always remained remarkably consistent: Cleanliness is next to gorgeousness.

All of which is to say: You need to get your fundamentals right by sudsing up and scrubbing down. Why risk the heartache (and face-ache) of pitted pores and pimples, all because you aren’t being meticulous about makeup removal at the end of the day?

The solution is simple: Splash out on a superior skincare cleanser. Any #DieDieMustTry obsession du jour to recommend? Glad you asked. When it comes to makeup remover, micellar water’s the way to go.

first, a quick primer on this hugely hyped and relatively new kid on the beauty block. Micellar water gets its exotic name from the science behind the product. The main component are minuscule “micelles”, or oil molecules suspended in a “shell” of water. Rubbing releases the micelles, instantly sopping up grime and grease on your skin. And unlike regular oil-based cleansers, this next-gen, non-foaming solution boasts the kind of “slip” and shine-free finish you’d expect from a water-based product.

Intrigued and raring to give it a go? Click through as yours truly dishes the dirt (so to speak) on a terrific trio of top-notch micellar waters all perfectly purse-friendly at 30 bucks per pop, too. Frugal folks, rejoice!