Guys, meet my obsession du jour. Swipe-and-go stick foundations are fabulously fuss-free, perfectly pigmented and beautifully blendable to boot. What’s not to like, right?

But what about the stick’s suffocating well, stickiness? Hey, no sweat (like, literally). The current crop of skin-smoothening salves are comfortingly creamy and delightfully diaphanous at the same time – like draping the most delicate of veils over your visage. Translation: Pure pleasure to wear in the constantly clammy clime of sweltering Singapore.

As for application, here’s a fundamental foundation rule: A clean sweep equals lighter coverage.  so glide your way to a gorgeous glow with soft strokes straight from the stick, starting from the centre of your face and sweeping upwards and outwards towards the jaw and hairline. Use tissue paper to pat away the excess that tends to accumulate in the no-woman’s land between the temples and hairline, and you’re good to go.

Easy enough, right? Click through for a fantastic foursome of my favourite face fixers, for your perusal and prospective purchase, please!