Sonia Sui shares her key to beauty and a secret about Ethan Ruan!

You will be surprised by Sonia Sui’s secret to youthful skin – it isn’t any beauty product! The Taiwanese actress not only shares her beauty tips but also reveals something juicy about heartthrob Ethan Ruan!

Sonia Sui, face of Jewellery Time 2014

The presidential suite at St Regis hotel was set up for my interview with Sonia Sui, the face of luxury timepiece showcase Jewellery Time 2014. When the doors opened to reveal the Taiwanese actress all regal in a CH Carolina Herrera gown and Chopard accessories, she fit perfectly with the grand elegance of the suite.

So I was very surprised to discover how easy going the actress is. Sui wasn’t even wearing any shoes under the long dress (she would later put on heels for photos of course); and when asked where in the huge area she would like to do the interview, Sui said she was fine with anywhere but suggested a table so I could scribble down notes easily – she had noticed the notebook I was carrying. So accommodating!

The Taiwanese model-turned-actress was in Singapore to grace Jewellery Time 2014. One of the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia, the most exquisite and intricate watches from brands like Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Vacheron and more have been housed in a renaissance-styled mansion exhibit.

Read on to find out how Sonia Sui keeps her skin flawless

Diamonds are Sonia Sui’s best friend
Not for the same reasons Marilyn Monroe lauded about. “Personally, I’m not inclined towards diamonds but they have a special meaning to me,” explained Sui. Every birthday since she turned 18, her mother would give her diamond jewellery as a present. Although the pieces would range from a brooch or a delicate necklace and weren’t particularly precious, it is a sentimental attachment to these diamond pieces that Sui holds close to her heart.

Red bean water is Sonia Sui’s secret to her great skin
When asked about her secret to her flawless, youthful complexion – this was one question I could not skip – the actress’ answer took me by surprise. Instead of throwing out a product name or a typical beauty tip, Sui said she drinks plenty of water and pointed to her huge 2-litre bottle that held a faint-reddish liquid that didn’t look like water. It turned out to be red bean water that Sui swears by. Red bean water is not only nourishing but it reduces water retention. She even advised us not to boil the water until the beans break because it will become soup and end up starchy.

Sonia Sui mostly thinks Singaporean men are manly
Sui confessed she didn’t know many Singaporean men. All her friends here are female. If she had to base her judgement of Singaporean males on the only two she had met, Jeremy Lim the COO of Cortina Watch and Christopher Lee whom she sharply pointed out was actually Malaysian, she would say they are manly.

Ethan Ruan doesn’t wear makeup when he’s filming
The actress turned the tables on me to ask about my opinion of Singaporean men. When I mentioned that our local guys were getting in touch with their metrosexual side and some even dabbled with makeup, it was her turn to be surprised. Her reply to that was equally shocking when she revealed Taiwanese male celebs like Ethan Ruan and Joseph Chang don’t wear makeup even when they are filming – they too possessed great complexions. Do they all drink the same red bean water too?

Jewellery Time 2014 is on now until October 5, 2014, at Paragon’s Atrium. For more information, go to www.jewellerytime.com.sg/.