The shocking reason behind Kit Chan’s exit from I Am A Singer! B.png

Official verdict: Kit Chan can’t sing.

Say what? A certain Chinese critic (Deng Ke, if you must know the specifics) has surmised that Kit was totally off-key during her last performance on closely watched reality singing contest I Am A Singer.

Oh, said critic also adds – a tad bit too gleefully, we feel – that listening to Kit emoting to Jacky Cheung’s torch classic Heart Cut By A Knife was akin to having his heart “cut by a knife.” Ouch.  

But wait, there’s more. Per The Straits Times, our dear Mr Know-It-All claims that producers also “corrected” Kit’s crooning in post-production – a pretty damning accusation, really.

Kit’s response? The Singapore songbird was classy as ever, merely releasing a carefully worded and incredibly polite statement via her management: “A singer is a public figure and we respect all critics. We believe that the China audience will have a chance to listen to Kit perform live in the future and not base their impressions of her on such one-sided reports.”

Industry pals have also been quick to prop her up. Take music maestro Eric Ng, for one, who told My Paper quite simply that “there's no doubt she has solid live singing abilities.” Bravo, succinctly put.

Haters gonna hate, but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding (or microphone, in this particular instance.) Kit will be holding her first solo gig in four years come June this year, so naysayers and supporters alike can witness her warbling in all its alleged off-key glory.

For now, see (and hear) what the fuss is all about in the performance below, and judge for yourself if our national nightingale deserved to be eliminated in this round. Here’s hoping your heart doesn’t feel like it’s been uh, cut by a knife!

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