The new Tinder? This app lets strangers meet up for hugs

Meet Cuddlr, a tamer Tinder that's more about hanging out with potential friends than anything else

 The new Tinder This app lets strangers meet up for hugs B.png

Are you finding the world of online dating a little too aggressive? Do you sometimes wish you could just get a nice friendly hug with no strings attached?

If the answer is yes then new app Cuddlr could be for you.

Launched this month, the location-based app lets users in the same area arrange to meet up for some good old-fashioned platonic body contact.
It even provides walking directions in real time to the chosen cuddle spot, once two people have decided to meet up.

The free app, which aims to take the pressure off intimacy, lets users rate cuddles and any problematic incidents can be listed on the cuddlr's public profile.

According to the brand: "Cuddlr provides a welcome break from hookup culture, while still making it easy to meet people near you and establish a physical connection."

Cuddlr is available for download on iTunes.