"Nobody, nobody but you..." Even if K-pop is not on your radar, you'd still know this catchy tune from Korean girl group, Wonder Girls. Why? It's been played countless times on English and Mandarin radio stations alike and well, the 5 girls who make up the group (fron left) Kim Yu Bin, Ahn So Hee, Park Ye Eun, Min Sun Ye and Woo Hye Rim are easy on the eyes too.

They were in town fulfilling their roles as Sony Ericsson's Digital Brand Ambassadors and also performed at a showcase last Friday night.

herworldplus.com got to meet the very personable quintet at a media conference. They chose to speak English, surprising us with their good command of the language - although it probably didn't allow them to reveal as much as if they'd spoken in their native language. Here are a selected few:




On their different personalities:

Ye Eun: So Hee is the "hidden" leader. She actually holds a lot of power in the group as she decides what we do. She's a perfectionist. She might also seem to be very quiet on the surface but when you get to know her, she can be very talkative. Hye Rim is cute and she's always the one who says something irrelevant. Sun Ye is like the mother of our group, she's a good leader. Yu Bin is the diva onstage. But in person, she's very slow in the way she speaks and does things.

All: Ye Eun is talkative, outgoing and smart. She's the "father" of our group.

On their beauty secrets:

All: Definitely cleansing oil. Sleeping and eating well too. And a lot of credit goes to our makeup artist. 

Ye Eun: Actually, we don't find ourselves beautiful. There are many other gorgeous female groups. We're just lucky to have fans and people who support us.

On the fashion concept for their new music video "2 Different Tears":

Yu Bin: We were going for a funky retro '80s look. Lots of denim, see-through clothes and even tattoos. We also made our nails more colourful as we used our hands in the dance moves.

On getting along as a group:

Ye Eun: We've lived with each other for 3 years so we know each other very well. If we were to quarrel, it'd be about our stage performances like the order of songs and the choreography because we all love performing so much.

Their most interesting fan encounter:

Ye Eun: On our tour of the United States, we met a fan with a tattoo of all our names and the Korean national flag on his back. We thought that was sweet but it must have been painful.

On their star training with JYP Entertainment (one of the largest record labels in Korea which counts Rain as a former employee):

Sun Ye: I trained in our company for 6 years and did feel like giving up. But I've always wanted to be a singer and perform in front of people so I just focused on that and took every moment as it came.  I used to go for training after school so it became part of my daily life. I'm just grateful to be here now.

On  the hardest part about travelling:

Ye Eun: Having to wake up at 5am! Now we get our sleep on the plane, and it's pretty uncomfortable as the seats are usually too upright. Also, we miss our family a lot. Because of the time difference between the US and Korea, we cannot talk to them as they'd have fallen asleep by the time we have time to call them.

At the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention centre which was packed to the brim with more than 2000 fans, the girls performed 5 songs including their latest single "2 Different Tears" and even a remix of "Don't Cha" made famous by The Pussycat Dolls.