Kit Chan’s shocking comment about iconic song Home may sadden fans

Everyone and their mother has fond memories of humming along to Kit Chan’s NDP classic Home – which is why you may be surprised by the Singapore crooner’s caustic response to a reporter’s query about her signature song

Kit Chan’s shocking comment about iconic song Home may sadden fans B.png

ST Photo: Chew Seng Kim

Remember that time when Kit Chan’s earth-shaking exit from closely watched Chinese reality contest I Am A Singer #BrokeTheInternet in our neck of the woods?

Guess what. Kit’s back, baby – but it’s her soundbite about signature ditty Home that’s making us slump in sorrow.

But first, here’s what we know. In a thrilling turn of affairs, our beloved Singapore songbird will return in the revival round of. (We can already see the headlines forming in the thought bubbles of pop culture pundits everywhere: Can Kit Chan redeem herself after shocking exit from I Am A Singer?)

Speaking at a press pow-wow to promote a comeback concert in June, Kit says the unceremonious dismissal in the first round of the contest only cemented her conviction in herself: “You might lose the competition, but you will win fans, people who get you. I felt it was the sensible thing to do – to win fans who like what I do now.”

Fanatics, mark your calendars: The revival round will air March 20 on Chinese channel Hunan TV. We hear Kit will be emoting to the late Leslie Cheung's torch classic, Left and Right Hands, so keep your Kleenex on standby, please!

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As for the aforementioned solo show, Kit says gig-goers can expect to groove to a greatest hits compendium – and yes, Home made the cut for the set-list: “I do get sick of singing some of my songs, but not Home. I know Home is my song, but I see it like it's a song that belongs to everyone.”

Now for the million-dollar question: Will the national nightingale pen another patriotic piece for #SG50?

Alas, the treasured troubadour's wry rejoinder may disappoint die-hard devotees: “I get ministers telling me, ‘Hey Kit, can you go create another Home?’ I would say, ‘Why would you want another Home?’ If you want another song, write another song.”

Ooh, super sassy! We like. So no, there will be no Home sequel of sorts – which is just as well, we suppose. Don’t mess with a classic!