How Janet Hsieh managed to hook George Young

Janet Hsieh has managed to take one of Singapore’s hottest celeb bachelors, George Young, off the market, so who better to ask for love advice?

Even if she recently took one of Singapore’s top bachelors, George Young, off the market, Janet Hsieh, the 34-year-old host of travel show Fun Taiwan, says she still gets “friend-zoned” by guys. So, how did she go from friend to girlfriend with George? We get the inside details on her new relationship and some handy love advice ...

how Janet Hsieh managed to hook George Young DECORA photo from when George was a guest on Janet’s Fun Taiwan show in 2010 … we wonder if there were any sparks then?

The friend zone is not a death sentence
“Most of my guy friends ‘friend zone’ me! They think of me as a dude because I talk to them about hot girls or video games. That’s the way George and I were for years, until January, when he got sick and I cooked for him. I realised I enjoyed caring for him and he saw me in a different light. If you want to get out of the friend zone, test the waters. Also, be open-minded. Maybe somebody is trying to be more than just friends, but you’re not noticing it!”

Confidence is hot
“When I asked George what attracted him to me, he said it was my confidence. I felt the same about him too. There are plenty of good-looking guys around, but he stands out because he’s assured without being arrogant. He loves what he does, be it at work or at play, and that’s sexy.”

Trust him completely
“George is, well, a hot commodity. Being in a different country, I sometimes have no idea what he’s doing. There’s a risk that I’ll lose him, but if I allow myself to have doubts, it will ruin our relationship. I try to be trusting and, in return, I try to be as trustworthy as possible too.”

Communicate ... a lot
“Someone once said that George and I talk to each other more than an average couple living together. We always chat whenever we can, be it through text or Skype. Being apart means we don’t take each other for granted.”

There’s no “right” age to settle down
“When I was 26, I fell in love and thought I was going to get married. But things didn’t work out in the end ... then I got my Fun Taiwan job and realised I was more interested in work than I was in a relationship. Even now, I don’t know if I’m ready to settle down. I’ve learnt to enjoy the uncertainty of dating though – it keeps life exciting.”


  1. He’s a Eurasian actor-host based in Singapore. She’s a Taiwanese-American host. They were friends for 10 years before getting together.
  2. They met in Taiwan in 2004 when George was shooting a commercial. Janet was a model with the same agency representing George.
  3. Janet once went on a date with George’s friend (it was a set-up), but that didn’t work out.
  4. The meal Janet made for George that busted her out of the friend zone? Chicken salad, and mushroom and garlic soup.
  5. George claims that she made the first move to kiss him!

Catch Janet on Fun Taiwan All-stars every Saturday at 7pm from June 14 on TLC (Starhub Ch 427). This story was first published in Her World Magazine, June 2014 issue.