Did Cecilia Cheung sell her luxury property because of a $32 million phone threat?

The Hong Kong actress has received mysterious phone threats, and her cast portraits from the film The Lion Roars 2 have been posted on streets. While the police have been notified, we completely understand her fear

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday, Cecilia’s manager Emily received an anonymous phone call which threatened Cecilia. The mysterious caller said Cecilia broke a film contract and owes them $32 million HKD.

Flyers of Cecilia’s cast portrait from the film The Lion Roars 2 <河東獅吼2> were posted all over the street. Cecilia’s eyes in the photo were whited out, reported Jayne Stars.

The poster read: “[She] pulled the plank after crossing the bridge! Ungrateful! This trashy fake [artist] signed a contract and successfully stole $32 million HKD. She failed to execute her end of the contract. She’s a disgrace to all entertainers!”

Coincidentally, this incident came after the report which claimed that Cecilia had been trying to sell her property in Century Tower, a luxury residential building in Mid-Levels. She reportedly put the property on the market for $200 million HKD. She then bumped it down to $160 million HKD, but was still unable to sell the property.

In regards to the treat, Cecilia’s manager Emily said, “If there is evidence, then pursue legal action. No need to use such lowly methods, akin to the triads, to smear others. Cecilia has contacted the police through her lawyers for her safety. Her lawyers have also requested the police to find the culprit as soon as possible. We will not take this lightly.”


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