Blake Lively’s (unborn) baby has already pulled off a big celeb stunt!

Take that, #BabyZed. With parents as preternaturally beautiful as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Blake’s new baby is bound to be hogging headlines for months to come, starting with this naughty little boo-boo

Blake Lively’s unborn baby has already pulled off a big celeb stunt! B2.png

Future mini Blake: Genetically blessed beyond belief!

Hey Zed, don’t get too jealous. Blake Lively’s unborn kid is already up to all manner of outsized, tabloid-ready shenanigans.

The newly famous fetus caused a right old kerfuffle when his or her impending arrival was announced by Blake Lively on her website (incongruously named Preserve), promptly causing it to crash.

Now, which kid can hold claim to shutting down Mother’s website before even being born? Chew on that.

Happily for all parties involved, Preserve has been preserved and is up and running again, so hurrah to Blake’s tech team. Prior to her being preggers, I certainly didn’t know Blake had her own lifestyle site dedicated to “tradition, savouring, finding more excuses to celebrate and better ways to do it” (her words, not mine).

In any case, Preserve is great if you’re one for Gwyneth Paltrow-esque, Goop-type goo: A cursory clickthrough throws up a ton of gauzy “mood” visuals of bleached blonde girls and scruffy studs working out and eating right – in other words, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds doppelgangers doing Blake and Ryan things.

Blake Lively’s unborn baby has already pulled off a big celeb stunt! B1.png

Also of note? The sole precious picture of the gorgeous “Gossip Girl” girl showing off her burgeoning baby bump in a breezy floral dress. Blake looks very preggers indeed, which must mean a mini Reynolds is poised to greet Hollywood’s gang of panting paparazzi anytime now ...  

Somewhere out there, Prince George, Rose Dorothy – yeah, Ryan’s ex Scarlett Johansson has a month-old daughter; who knew? – and our very own Zed are rattling their rattles and bawling at having to jostle with the imminent new kid on the block for Most Watched Baby.

As for yours truly, I’m already salivating at the prospect of gawking at all the Gucci onesies and designer bits and bobs the little darling is bound to receive. Fellow pop culture pundits, at the ready!

You can follow Blake Lively on Twitter and at preserve.us.