2NE1’s Dara wants to try a kissing scene & more fun YG Family quotes

SEE PHOTOS: And who is the lucky guy 2NE1’s Dara wants to act opposite? We bring you the answer & more fun tidbits from the YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour press conference in Singapore and tell you why we wish we were part of this happy K-Pop family

The whole YG Family takes a fmaily protrait

SM Entertainment has SM Town and JYP Entertainment has JYP Nation so what sets the YG Family apart from the other stable of K-pop artists? For one, the groups under YG Entertainment seem to truly be a big, close-knit family, instead of mere colleagues.

The biggest names in Korean pop – 2NE1, Big Bang, Epik High, Psy and Winner – are performing collectively in Singapore as part of the very first YG Family tour. All were present, except for Psy and Big Bang’s maknae (youngest member) Seungri, the latter had been involved in a car accident in Seoul on September 12, 2014, for the YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour press conference in Singapore.

Even though the event was conducted under controlled circumstances ‒ no one from the media could ask questions during the press conference ‒ the K-Pop stars still managed to display how comfortable they were with their fellow YG colleagues. In fact, we are going to tell you why every one (fan or not) will want to be part of this fun family  – and of course who Sandara from 2NE1 wants to kiss!

GDragon can't resist taking a picture of Winner juniors, Minho and Seung Yoon

The YG Family is hilarious

When Big Bang was asked what food they would like to try in Singapore, power vocalist Daesung said that the last time that the group was in Singapore, they had so much pepper and chili crab that “we went home walking sideways”.

The artists were also happy to play along with the Samsung smart phones placed before them in amusing ways. Tablo from Epik High immediately picked it up when he got to his seat as though it had rang and the 2NE1 members Bom and Minzy were busily taking selfies together for a moment. In fact, when Samsung was mentioned in one of the questions, the artists all obediently picked the phones up if they weren’t already doing so and played with them.

The full YG Family in attendance minus Psy and Seungri

The YG Family is random

Epik High’s Tablo was in a good mood and contributed much to the random but funny quotes of the night. One of which was in reference to Singapore’s weather and he said in English, “I love heat. I like the sun and I like heat so I love it.

Then to the question to whom his group would like to do a collaboration with, Tablo declared without skipping a beat that he would like to do a rap and dance collaboration with the boss of YG.

CL cracks a smile as Sandara is being teased while Bom takes a snap

The YG Family is close knit

Much like siblings, the stars ribbed and poked fun at each other whenever they could. When the girls of 2NE1 were asked what other projects they would like to take up, Big Bang’s rapper Top turned round to say something cheeky. Sandara tried to hold back her giggles as she said, “I always wanted to try acting like Top does, in movies.”

Without skipping a beat like any annoying older brother, Top suggested that she show everyone a teary scene right there and then. To which, 2NE1’s singer quipped, “I like to try out a kissing scene instead of crying so I’ll show you next time.” When the host asked about her ideal kissing scene partner, she choked in laughter before saying, “I like to try it with Mr Jin (Epik High’s Mithra Jin)” before the rest started chanting for them to demonstrate, just like an embarrassing extended family.

DJ Tukutz from Epik High takes a picture for the rest

The members of YG Family are each other’s biggest fans

Top said that Big Bang was inspired by Winner, although his reason was quite nonsensical – “just because they are winners”. YG’s new boy band Winner’s leader Seung Yoon also mentioned that the songs that they wrote were inspired by their seniors. But it was clear that everyone has great respect for each other.

Yes, guys, we totally felt the love.

See more pictures from the press conference in the gallery below.

The YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power In Singapore takes place on September 13 and 14, 2014 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. For more information, go to www.yg-galaxytour.com.