If you’re a fan of Chinese dramas that aired back in the early 2000s, you’ve probably heard of Zhao Wei (who’s also known as Vicki). The lead actress of popular Chinese drama “My Fair Princess” is about to turn 44 on 12th March, and we’re in awe at how young she still looks.

Having been in the acting business for over 20 years, she’s garnered a lot of attention for her movies and die-hard fans of hers have been following her life closely on her socials. We also did a bit of scrolling on her Instagram and found some of her makeup looks that we think we could try out. Plus, she shared some of her secrets for having such radiant skin and we’re definitely taking down copious notes.

Just-bitten lips

If you’re gunning for a no-makeup makeup look, try opting for a pink lipstick so you look natural without being too washed out. Here, Zhao Wei’s rocking glossy pink lips to tie her makeup look together.

To achieve an extra shiny pout like hers, grab a lipstick with a satin finish and top it off with a clear gloss, so your lips remain the statement of your makeup look.

Tightlined eyes

If you’ve been following Zhao Wei on social media, you’ll probably notice that she has an iconic makeup look that she opts for when it’s glam time.

One of her classics is definitely her tightlined eyes – it’s not a thick, winged cat eye but rather simple lined eyes that makes her look more awake without being too dramatic.

Cop her look by using a matte black pencil liner instead of an inked liner as it’s easier to smudge out and more forgiving on beginners.

Radiant pink glow

Aside from her stunning black gown and classic red lips, we also can’t help but admire the cheeky flush that she’s got on her cheekbones.

Sure, a pink blush would help bring some colour to your face but try a pink highlighter with shimmer to really bring the radiance to your complexion. Dust some onto the tip of your nose too, for that added glam factor.

Sophisticated and smoky

The star of the 2009 Mulan remake clearly knows how to rock a smoky eye look. Here (in the second image), she’s rocking dark eyeshadow but kept the blending to the minimum, so it doesn’t look too over-the-top.

When you’re recreating this eye look, remember to grab a thin brush and a brown eyeshadow and run it over your lower lashline too, so your eye makeup looks complete and classy.

Clear, porcelain skin

Even without makeup, the Chinese actress still manages to look bright-eyed and radiant. To attain clear, glowy skin like hers, it’s important to stick to a nightly skincare routine with products that you know works for you.

First, get a sense of what your skin concerns are and use products that target these specific problems. Do remember to get a good amount of sleep too, it’ll help to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles and keep you looking younger and fresher.

A Layered ‘Do Gives Your Hair Instant Volume And Movement


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Stepping out in a race car driver-inspired outfit, Zhao Wei complemented her look with a windswept look.

Textured and wispy, the style adds volume and movement to her hair instantly for an extra dose of cool.

Red Lip Never Fails


很开心加入 @burberry 的大家庭,期待更多美妙的合作 @riccardotisci17 love~

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A slick of red lipstick seems to be Zhao Wei’s weapon of choice, whether it’s attending events, walking down the red carpet or fronting ad campaigns like this Burberry one.

We’re getting strong woman vibes!

No-Makeup Makeup Is The Best Makeup


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Presumably on her off days, Zhao Wei often ditches a striking makeup look and takes a pared down approach.

Lightly defined brows with tight-lined eyes and a smudge of pink lip balm is all it takes to look put-together and fresh.

Throw On A Pair Of Glasses


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If you’re really short on time and don’t have time to wear a smidgen of makeup, reach for a pair of stylish glasses.

Not only do they hide eye bags and dark circles, they also kind of help to define your features.

A Sleek Blowout Adds Elegance


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Even if you don’t have time to head home to get changed before a dinner party, take your cue from Zhao Wei and book yourself a blowout to instantly elevate your look.

In Addition To Using Sunscreen, Wear A Wide-Brimmed Hat 


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When out in the sun, supplement your sunscreen use by wearing a wide-brimmed hat to further keep UV rays out.

Plus, it helps to protect your eyes from UV rays, which can also damage your retina.

Mask Whenever You Can

This picture of Zhao Wei masking with her hair wrapped up in a towel is all of our #selfcare goals.