Hooked on highlighter? You’re not alone, girlfriend – everyone from experienced editors and maquillage masters to models of the moment have professed their passion for a judious jolt of light to the skin. (Want proof? Click on our exclusive Insta-vid above – shot in her hotel suite at a recent press junket in Tokyo – for a peek into the pouch of incandescent ingenue and Yves Saint Laurent Beaute muse Staz Lindes.)

YSL touche eclat

Image: Yves Saint Laurent Beaute

What to try, what to buy? When in doubt, pick a pen-type product like the Touche Eclat, the #OG illuminator bar none that’s fantastic for fuss-free touch-ups on the go – simply dot delicately onto strategic spots and pat until it disappears into your skin.

Sadly, the delightfully dewy complexion of your dreams can be dicey to pull off in Singapore’s searing weather. A face full of shine is incredibly challenging to pull off – way too many women are unaware of the exceedingly fine line between glowy and greasy.

But wait – all hope is not lost. Happily, there are a couple of illuminating insider tips that should stand you in good stead the next time you feel like lighting up your skin:


Image: Yves Saint Laurent Beaute

Mix and match different textures for a tailored fit

This bespoke approach is a favourite trick of backstage professionals, and it ain’t all that complicated. Here’s how. Start with a luminous liquid foundation as an all-over complexion corrector (consider going the matchy-matchy route by reaching for the Touche Eclat Le Teint; pictured above). Blend well with a fluffy foundation brush, then switch to a matte-finish concealer to ‘spot correct’ any pimples peeking through your base. You’ll get all the awesome airiness of a featherweight formula while diminishing the discolouration of your spots.


Not sure how to highlight? Easy

The secret resides in knowing where to direct your audience’s attention – where to ‘place’ the light, essentially. That means any area where light hits: Think eyelids, cheekbones, nose-bridge, cupid’s bow, inner eye corners and a tiny bit on the temples.

On to highlighting proper. Maquillage master Larry Yeo says you can consider a sugary dusting of shimmery lilac eyeshadow on the highest planes of your cheekbones, but if you’re leery of looking too ‘editorial’ with purplish pigments on your face, a conventional luminiser like the Touche Eclat may be a safer route to the same dewy destination.

Simply swipe your highlighting pen along the nose bridge and under the eyes to draw attention to the middle of your face; dot on your cupid’s bow for poutier puckers; and finish with just a smidgen in the middle of your chin.


Consider contouring your clavicle for sexier shoulders

Ladies, now is the time to try your hand at clavicle contouring. Say what? In contrast to your face proper, I’m betting your clavicles (AKA collarbones) are probably terribly neglected – because why bother, right? Wrong. When done correctly, collarbone contouring will really make them ‘pop’ against bare skin, lending your shoulders a ‘lifted’ effect that’s very fetching indeed, especially when you’re in swathed in a strapless shape-hugging dress.

Image: 123rf.com

The Touche Eclat’s pen dispenser is perfect for ‘painting’ directly onto your decolletage. Dab your brush on the hollow indentation in the centre, then blend outwards, using the ‘wings’ of your collarbones as a guide. Top tip: Go one shade lighter for a 3D effect that deflects attention away from any creases and crinkles, and stipple on a smidgen right on your cleavage to direct your admirer’s gaze towards well, where you want him to be gazing.

Done? Step into your strappy dress and out into the night, and brace yourself for the deluge of collarbone compliments that are sure to come your way.


Image: 123rf.com

Avoid these no-glow zones

There are a number of hot spots that don’t necessarily look good when shiny. Steer clear of – and jot this down, please – the tip of the nose and the glabella (which is fancy derm-speak for the strip separating your eyebrows). The reason? No woman will ever look good with shine around the nostrils and between the brows, because the light will read as oddly “oily” in said regions. Bottomline: Always keep your nose-tip and the frowny bit between your brows nice and matte.

Done right, the gleam and glimmer as light dances across your face will fend off fatigue and imbue your mien with a lovely lit-from-within luminosity. Good luck getting your glow on!