How to Get The Perfect Cat-Eye Flick: 6 Youtube Tutorials to Watch

Photo: jessicavu/Instagram


We can talk you through the steps on how to get the perfect cat-eye flick. But sometimes, it’s best to watch and learn. Here are six easy-to-follow Youtube eyeliner tutorials you need to watch before trying it yourself. And remember, practice makes perfect.


1. For hooded Asian eyes

The best tip we gleaned from this tutorial is that you should start drawing the eyeliner about 2mm above the end corner of your eyes. Starting exactly at the corner can make your cat’s eye flick look too harsh. Also, if you’re a beginner, swop the gel eyeliner for a liquid liner with a felt tip brush.


2. For hidden double eyelids

Best tip here: Go thinner at the inner eye corner to make your look more precise and classy, but if you’re going to wear falsies, go thicker to hide the falsie’s lash strip. Plus, we like that she did three variants – a thin line, one with medium thickness and a thicker one – so you know exactly how to increase the intensity of the eyeliner for a day-to-night look.


3. For monolids

We think it’s rather genius how Youtuber Kicki Yang draws a crease for her monolids before getting to business. It really helps to define and guide the eyeliner line. You can skip to the 4-minute mark to see how she does her eyeliner after she draws the fake crease, or watch the video in its entirety to see how she gets the whole look together – falsies and all.


4. For round, protruding eyes

If you have an eyelid crease that sits really high up on your eyes, you should draw a really thick liner to even out the proportions like Youtuber Irene Khan here. Skip to the 4:30 mark to see the product recommendations. She uses an angled brush to do her eyeliner, which is great if you love gel liners that come in pots.


5. For deep-set eyes

A smooth line doesn’t work on every type of eyelid. Sometimes, you have to add a “step” so your cat-eye liner looks smooth when you open your eyes, like Youtuber Teni Panosian here. She describes the shape as kind of like the Batman insignia’s wings, but we say it’s more like a diamond or rhombus shape – watch and you’ll see what we mean. Plus, she gives one tip that we think is great: Don’t draw too thick a line at the inner corner of your eyes, especially if you have closely set eyes – it’ll only make them look even closer.


6. For almond-shaped eyes with thin double eyelids

This tutorial is great for beginners because it shows you how to tightline your eyes – especially useful for Asians who have sparse lashes. She also shows different winged eyeliner looks, so you can decide how high a flick you want your cat-eye liner to be. Also, she starts with a gel liner and ends with a liquid eyeliner to intensify the look. This works wonders to make your eyeliner last longer.