Has it really been 15 years? Fresh is treating its beloved Rose Face Mask to a fancy new “skin” to fete the concoction’s conception, 15 years ago.

This plush packaging comes courtesy of rising London-based multimedia artist Jo Ratcliffe, who has dreamt up a delicate tableau of hand-drawn pastel petals that’s perfectly in line with Fresh’s romantic, vibrant vision of beauty.

Take it from Jo herself, who outlines her creative process in coming up with the limited edition look: “I began by looking at beautiful old botanical drawings of roses and thinking of ways of reinterpreting them into something more modern,” she says.

“I wanted to bring a kind of motion and to fill the space of the packaging in an irregular way, so that it felt a little wild and alive. I began to paint with Indian and acrylic inks and layered this with a loose version of traditional roses, which I painted using gouache, finally bringing in layers of blue so there was a hint of something unexpected.”

The result? A winsome work of art that’s not only a neat little memento of the brand’s storied history, but also an indispensable beauty staple that will look equally at home taking pride of place on your vanity chest.

5 things you need to know about Fresh Rose Face Mask

Of course, Fresh fans can look forward to the same superbly soothing formula within each limited edition jar. If you’re new to the party, don’t fret! Now is as good a time as any to get acquainted with this cult cosmetic favourite:

1. There are real roses in each jar – 2.5 of them, to be exact. This mask is as lush and luxe as it gets, with an average of 2.5 roses suspended in a pure rose water base. Massage in this deliciously scented gel into your face and you’ll find that the floral petals dissolve on your skin for an indescribably soothing sensation. Perfect me-time indulgence!

2. It’s best served chilled. Here’s a “cool” beauty tip: Chuck your jar of Fresh Rose Face Mask in the fridge. This will amp up the cooling effect of your mask, which is also chock-full of calming cucumber and aloe vera extracts, both of which are great for instant depuffing and getting rid of redness.

3. Everyone (that’s 100 percent!) on a testing panel reported “healthy-looking supple skin” after use. Top marks across the board in an independent consumer study, with 100 percent of panelists noticing softer skin after using this mask. You can probably attribute this glowing result to the formula’s addition of antioxidant-rich green tea and Porphyridium cruentum, the latter being a “smart” algae that’s said to deliver just the right about of moisture for your complexion.

4. It’s the first step to beautiful skin. This deeply hydrating mask helps to serve as a “primer” of sorts; by plumping up your skin and imbuing it with moisture, you’ll find that makeup glides on that much easier.

5. Use it any day, every day. By all means, indulge! This mask is so mild and soothing, it’s perfectly alright to use it as a daily treat. Best of all, it’s a skin-saver and time-saver: Just five to 10 minutes are all you need to apply and wash off in the shower.

Happy 15th birthday, Fresh Rose Face Mask; here’s to 15 more!

Fresh fans, find out more about designer Jo Ratcliffe in this illuminating video on what it took to bring her gorgeous rose illustrations to life.
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