From Singapore edition Gundam kits to fast-food bargains, you’ll be hard pressed to find something that hasn’t gotten “SG50-ed”.

Likewise, your beauty essentials are getting a good zhng (revamp), SG50 style. But we’re not complaining – no repackaged, limited edition skincare classic goes untouched here, especially if they look this cute.

Of course, every purchase goes back to the community in preserving our national monuments and helping to keep our city clean and green.

So if you’re looking to replace your moisturiser, hand cream or lotion, why not make it one of these:

$48 each for original and oil-free formulas, available at all Kiehl’s stores
$65-98 for the Heritage Collection Box Set

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream SG50 limited edition beauty products.png

Kiehl’s iconic Ultra Facial Cream – both the original and oil-free moisturisers – will don a Merlion design on the cap this June. And 100 per cent of the net proceeds from them will go into the restoration of Singapore’s National Monuments.

Kiehls Heritage Collection Box Set 1 SG50 limited edition beauty products.png

If you’re a long-time fan of the brand, consider the Heritage Collection Box Set, which comes with deluxe travel-sized items as well. Four different sets are available, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

$148 for 500ml, available at all Kose counters

Kose Save The Blue SG50 limited edition beauty products.png

Containing angelica root, licorice and coix seed extracts, Kose’s best-selling Sekkisei Lotion is said to help boost skin translucency.

Proceeds of up to $10,000 from the sale of this limited edition bottle will go into the Garden City Fund. They will be used in the National Parks Board’s Marine Eco-toxicity Biomonitoring Programme. Since May 2014, the programme has seen students participating in the active research of Singapore’s marine environment, including how coastal habitats can be better protected.

$14.90, available at all The Body Shop stores

The Body Shop Soft hands kind Heart Hand Cream SG50 limited edition beauty products.png

Specially launched for SG50, The Body Shop Soft Hands Kind Hearts hand cream will be on sale from now until August 19. This citrus-scented hand cream moisturises the skin with angelica root extract and olive oil.

The brand is hoping to raise S$10,000 from the sale of this hand cream, which will go into the Garden City Fund to contribute to the planting of 50 trees in Singapore.

Can’t keep up with all the SG50 initiatives and activities going on this year? Check out these limited edition Hello Kitty stamps and remember to catch the screening of films by 7-award winning local filmmakers this July!